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I just don't see that happening. Yeah well you know in these kids. Want an explanation for everything. Like why do i have to do that. Why because i said so. That's why you know. I mean you know you don't want to be rude about. I mean my mom and dad said that right and there was a there. Is they respect for authority now. We can help if you explain the why that is like i do because yes i need to respect my parents because i said so right right and you know you talked about pursuing happiness. Everybody you know. What i we talk about this a lot you know. This is one of my favorite subjects. That i cannot stand entitlement and i think about it a lot entitlement to me if you're super entitled. There's mental illness there. if you're super entitled. Something is very wrong with you right. I mean or just entitled period. Why does anyone out there that they are entitled for anyone else to take care of them unless you know it's a child that's different or you're mentally ill. that's different. I have a brother who's mentally ill. He's in a home but we're talking about people yet is different. It's different if you're born with a disability. That's very different. That's not we're talking about here. We're talking about a society. That's become so lazy that we have we're so dependent on the government that we think it's the government's job to take care of us and it's not we need to take care of ourselves and that's what creates soft people and soft kids. It's something that's permeating. I believe our society and it's it's as bad as greed and we're you find greed you'll find entitlement to. It's an entitlement to think that that somebody owes you something right instead of being disciplined and and getting tough. Well i agree with you. We have bread to lot of beliefs that the government will take care of it and that has created. Well tremendous week mob Yes in our society And we've certainly seen that over the last you know eighteen months or so where people will stay on the government handout versus work. Yeah and you know a created a problem for many business owners. Yep yep well. I i my my daughter. My sister is passed away. And god bless her soul but i have a sister older sister who got pregnant at fifteen. We lived in the state of new york. Okay so she she got on an entitlement program and then next thing you know she had another baby with another man then she had another baby with another man and she was had so much potential. She was super smart. She was she was she just became entitled like it sets such a bad example for her at such an early age. And it basically. We're in her life you know. It ruined her life. So i can speak about it firsthand from my own family and i'm so against entitlement programs because i think it weakens and destroys people i i know that it does and so i know we're we're talking about mentally soft people but i i do feel like entitlement has a lot to do with it and i think it does and i think like even even with a lot of the high school kids i work with in my area in terms of even how that has impacted the education system. We have a local school district. That doesn't do finals. And what. I hear a lot like that. That's not preparing them for college. If you're not gonna do finals. I hear also a lot of oh. It doesn't matter if i study. Because i can retake it so i'm gonna go take the test. See what see. What's on it. But then i can retake it make decent grades now to me. That's that's a problem. Then i hear a lot like kids. Just don't wanna do homework right so now. We're allowing kids to do homework in class. So they don't have to do when they get home. That's why it's called home. Were the work at hall. You don't need to be afraid of homework. Part of the education process. Do they give crazy amounts of homework though in different schools. I don't know i i. I haven't found that to be true. I guess appear within the public school district. Well i don't know what they're doing in school. I mean when i went to catholic school most of my life fourth grade. I went to public school for one year. But but you know it was crazy the education. I got an incredible education. I speak latin. By the time. I was in sixth grade More and more parents more and more parents are turning to private education versus public education. Because they're not preparing them for reality Yeah and you know There was something i was gonna say. I lost my train of thought. But so kip you know. What is your number one tip for generating greater mental strength swell. If i just had to pick one thing it would be In terms of reaching kids when they're young show up as a parent the in country don't be permissive don't be uninvolved Use your all Your authoritative role with respect your respect each children but there is an authoritative role. Your firm you have. High expectations expect them to work hard. You allow them to do hard things. And don't rescue them. Do not rescue them from a hard thing or they forget something or if they don't turn in an assignment on time allow them the natural consequences of that so they learn from it. Yeah and yeah. I mean like you and i both you know whether it's its Arts and music or Sports they need to be involved in a variety of things to get a variety of experiences with a variety of people Yeah no i would agree junior. You have any tips for generating a greater mental strengthen. Your kids i mean i. I'm just always just honest with them. I don't ever sugarcoat anything. And i tell them how it is and but you know. They always make sure that they know i love him. And i'm never coming down on them from a bad way. But right i i'm not the type of person that's going to say. Oh you gotta see. That's so good. it is passing. no no. you're gonna study until you get that up to a b. and then that he's going to get up to a and that that's how it is for me because that's how i was raised and i just feel like that's what helped me as an adult and it's you know i'm not scared to fail and i'm not scared to do some work if i need to. And right now it's just it's just putting those those little seeds in your head when you're young. Oh yeah and. I can't stand lazy. I don't think you should ever let your kids be lazy. And that starts with keeping their room clean. I'm not about that that like make your bed. Make sure your toilet and your sinks clean you know. I just think it's so important to teach kids that and and that's something that they don't they don't teach that kind of accountability. I don't think in public school. I know in private school. A lot of them they do but public school. They're failing our children. They really are failing. Our children on so many different levels. They don't your apparent out there to what you said bernadette if you have a maid or housekeeper fire them and you have do it. Oh yeah fire them. Have your kids do it you know. Yep yep people. Ask me if i have a dishwasher and i always say i have two i have. Two dishwashers kids. I i have a dishwasher. But i don't even use it. I haven't used it in ten years. I don't like it. I like doing the dishes. That's when i meditate. I do a better job at it than the dishwasher. And i love doing the dishes and mowing the lawn. Oh my gosh. Oh gosh oh well all right. This has been a fun show. I enjoyed it. I hope everyone out there. Listening did and and junior. I hope you enjoyed it is well. Thanks for having me. You know it all right everyone. It is a terrific tuesday here and we gotta say goodbye so everyone listening you know what remember you get one body you get one mind and you get one life. Do the dishes tonight..

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