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They're so good from the very beginning. From the very beginning. Ron paul and tom woods and jeff dice and lou rockwell. These guys were just great. They were all over it like. Oh this is all like we. Paula cole coolest. If everyone he was just like you just need some sun. How ron paul still has like. He's the kindest guy ever but he was also born in like the thirties. You know what i mean. So he's just like even though he's so kind and he would never swear. You always see this thing like kinda right underneath him. Where it's like when he guys a bunch of pussies like god cold going around liberty date say you know. This is my interpretation of him. He's much better from just a better generation but But yeah but they were just great right away. They were just like well. Here's where the government's lying. Here's where the corporate presses lying this. This is not justified to talibanism this. The totalitarianism is much more of a threat than this virus. Like they were just great right away and then there were. Other areas libertarian. Party that libertarian. Party in the libertarian movement. That just i mean. I really think and i don't take any pleasure in this. I think it's unfortunate. But i think in in many cases they forever sacrificed their Their credibility and their seriousness. You know. I mean the libertarian party. The the people in the party who were silent on lockdowns i mean. They said that we beat the virus by being anti-racist that's what they said yes. Yes that's right. That's well silent on lockdowns focused on anti-racism and still like it was. It was so weird. I know tom woods. Loves making fun of it but it would be like april of two thousand twenty. So it's like a month after. The government locked everyone in their homes. And like there's like every social norm has been overhauled and like we're in this crazy and like the libertarian party. Would tweet something about how we oppose. Civil asset forfeiture. and you. i mean yes we do but this and it was so it was like mind-blowing seeing i remember watching joe joe jorgenson give campaign speeches. That literally i remember. I actually listened to one the whole time with this in mind and she passed and i said i was just saying to myself. Could this speech have been given in nineteen ninety six and all of it. It was all about the war on drugs and centralized power and how decentralisation allows people to make their own choices and blah blah and. She's speaking to in this park outdoors to a bunch of people in masks. And it's like you're not you're not addressing what's happening right now with the thing covering their face by way in that very park where she was. Several people had been arrested for not social distancing. So it's just like again. It's not like even technically that anything she said from her nineteen ninety-six stump speech was wrong. It was just like how tone deaf can you be to not be addressing the crises that these people are are living. You can see on their face like the the crisis. That's in front of them. All right. let's take a quick second and thank our sponsor for today's show which is fume fume natural inhaler that makes it easy to get the benefits of super plants on the go. It's this simple fumes. A canadian wooden inhaler with no electronics. Just cores filled only with the benefits of super plants. No chemicals added. Fume is a natural and portable tool for allergy relief relaxation. And it's a wonderful nicotine. Replacement will with its pocket fit. It replaces the hand to.

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