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Two hundred million dollars to this proposition two hundred million dollars but it sounds like they're going to make money off of the movie theatres the businesses in the area an advertisement not from the consumer of the product evident celic he knew exactly how they were going to do that like if i'm going to put two hundred million dollars into something i really wanna make sure i know how we're going to get our money back so how are we going to do that again i think he probably knows he just say i want to tell you that maybe not you you know you're probably right violette i mean i i assure hope so but here's something else because you know i've suggested if i win every day of the month thirty days at fifteen dollars that's thirty times fifteen that's four hundred fifty dollars because me ten dollars so he's upside down four hundred forty he said you know what happens their spirits because they've been around long enough now to know a little bit about how people react with the movie pass card he said it's like a buffet at first ugo allott erupt more food than you really want but you can't believe it's free so you just keep get more and more food on your plate and then you really don't want that much he said in fact rather than going to the movie every day of the month people tend to go about twice as often as they used to go if he used to see a movie every month or so you'll now c two movies every month or so just because the movie is a real deal doesn't mean you're gonna wanna go see it if you don't wanna go see that movie i mean your time means something to your right so he said so i'm thinking that there if if people use it every day of.

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