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According to the think tank in Chicago called the heartland institute. President Trump is not at all crazy to be skeptical about climate change and Marc Lamont hill a commentator for CNN has now been fired over marks he made in which he called for a Palestine from the river to the sea, which is a slogan used by HAMAs. Meaning we want a country that does not have in Israel. Hill has been associated with with their Connor has not denounced Farrakhan has made other comments that have been construed as anti Israel is not anti semitic. And now he's been fired by CNN. We're gonna talk about that later on. Dave is in irvington, New Jersey. Dave nice to hear from you. Yes. Larry, I'm for common. How was your thanksgiving was awesome has great Turkey. I kept it on your ten pounds. I kept it under ten pounds only gave only gained seven. So I'm good to go. Good for you mind was awesome to you know, my my football team won. I'm a lifelong cowboy. Well, I don't want to talk about what happened with my football team, which was which is Michigan. And we kind of got spanked by Ohio State again. I heard I heard about that is you know, I was listening to your riveting conversation on Monday night. I believe with a caller his name was Davin. Uh-huh. And you know, he teased you of being a Hillary supporter in, you know, Larry that concerns me, I, you know. I think that people on our side, we need to be careful.

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