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And gary on six seventy kdoi it's red eye radio he's eric harley i'm gary mcnamara and then there's nancy sinatra's tweet yeah by the way he's eric i'm gary all i gotta gotta wear the stationary and we care um and an again of course it's her now deleted tweets oh since we're talking all over jr and they deleted uh did they know that it lives on that day you know really can't deleted because they if they have any followers at all uh the murderous members of the nra should face a firing squad that's what nancy sinatra tweeted yes and then deleted yeah why is it that they do that why here's the thing we we mentioned kenny loggins statement which is in clear at all i mean were the specifics and then when they get special civic on something because what nancy's writing is extremely clear right then they delete it right it's like liberals i'm going to be clear today but it's only going to be a moment a moment of of clarity and then we're going to delete everything let's call kenny loggins and see if he wants to be you know part of nancy sinatra you know that what are they call it brave courageous courageous her courageous statement emir break so now if you believe in the mp and by the way a family that i'm sure had bodyguard protection for a significant portion of their lives oh yeah i'm sure bodyguard armed protection right and this is this is what you get father was the king of las vegas and think about that if you know what i mean he he really was uh he he basically there was a lot of influence that he had and to not just of course who entertained in vegas but also the divide the the design of the casinos and and everything else so you know they've had this big life where you know she's i'm i'm.

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