The Connection Between Violent Crime and Marijuana Usage


I got Sean sent me an article about marijuana usage in its residual effects. And just because, you know, correlation denied always mean causation, but at least you have the facts and understanding, you know, according to an article called cannabis causes psychosis, a psychosis caused violence written by a gentleman, a doctor named Alex berenson on May 25th in an article he describes some of the correlations between marijuana usage and violent criminals. Mister, I don't like even like to say the guy's name, but it was confirmed that the shooter and Yuval di had issues with using marijuana. Don't know how much he used, but he was upset because his grandmother and mother allegedly would not let him use marijuana. Nicholas Cruz, which is a Florida high school shooter, was heavily used in marijuana, and that's what he told the police in the police interview. Devin Patrick Kelly, who shot up a Texas church and killed 26 people on 2017 before, you know, obviously killing himself had a THC in his system when he died, Darryl Brooks junior last seen allegedly racing through the walk of Christmas parade, self described as a stoner and here's some statistical data that may become relevant. It says, meanwhile, the cities like Portland, Oregon, have suffered an explosion in violence, following the legalization of cannabis.

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