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The only way to prevent government agents from abusing the rights of citizens and benefiting from those actions the government cannot violate people's rights with impunity and then just say oops now this comes from mark penn remember a clinton night the investigation was polluted from the very beginning former british spy christopher steele was a government contractor when he illegally leaked the dossier and lied about it muller team members and fbi officials lisa page and peter struck operated with such hatred for trump that they were removed from the investigation after managing key parts of it the heads of the fbi and cia participated ends in spreading and vouching for trump dossier they never fair vied yet used to spy on americans remember again coming for mark penn who worked for the clintons the yarn leaked to the press about the start of the investigation doesn't add up either they say that it started because trump campaign advisor george popadopoulos said in a bar to an australian diplomat that he heard from a maltese professor that the russians had some emails damaging to clinton but the source of that information turns out to be a diplomat who happened to have a shepherd a twenty five million dollar contribution to the clinton foundation the report did not come through official channels but likely to a democratic operative who worked for the clinton foundation perhaps most puzzling rosenstein wrote a critical mammals supporting the komi firing and then appointed a special counsel after the firing by doing this combined with the recusals of the attorney general jeff sessions rosenstein set up a government within the government with a super broad charter and practical immunity from being removed the muller investigation that operated without any independent supervision from outside the agency review by any elected officials or judicial review with this kind of freedom it's no surprise that the treatment of the early targets involved guns drawn searches threats to prosecute family members in plea bargains for dubious process crimes even for those who did no actual underlying wrongdoing only one of the early targets former trump campaign manager paul manafort is even in a position to challenge the special counsel and.

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