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You started on reaching your financial and travel dreams. Thanks again, and we'll talk next week. The preceding program has been a paid commercial program. The Voice of Boston am six RKO Madison Rogers with a quick check of the stories trending right now on W. B. C news radio 10 30 Huge turnout for a New Hampshire Trump caravan. This morning, more than 300 cars traveled through mostly Democratic communities. Durham Town manager Todd Selig saw the whole thing hooting and hollering. They had their trump signed. W Busies Matt Shearer reporting a Worcester man is facing charges after allegedly stealing a truck from ST Vincent Hospital and then crashing it into police headquarters. This happened after 5 A.m. yesterday morning, Louis Diamond. Is in custody after an Auburn public schools bus monitor tested positive for covert 20 students have been asked to quarantine Superintendent Casey Handfield sent a letter to parents on Friday, saying the monitor tested positive on September 23rd and affected staff. Students and siblings have all been asked a quarantine. I'm Madison Rogers. The following program is a paid commercial program W. R. K O Veloute a run our bringing Christ. To the nations. God made room it his table.

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