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Forward to seeing her today but we'll see how it goes. Okay let's pause on the court case for a minute and just go back. How did this girl gets to the point? Which is asking to be deported. What happened to her? This is exactly what I wanted to now. From the moment I heard about the case. I didn't have much to go on I. I only knew that the girl had been in the system for more than six years and that she mentioned the name of an aunt who was possibly living in undo us. I was finally able to find that aunt. She wasn't in on it as she was right here in the United States so this aunt helped to raise the girl along with the Alita with with the grandmother and it came to find out that she's the person that's named on government documents as the girls potential sponsor. Back in two thousand thirteen and two thousand fourteen. Which means that she's the one that the US government was supposed to give the girl back to after they separated her from her family at the border. And I should say that we're not naming many of the people in the story because their victims of trauma or or underaged or or simply worried about being deported. Some people have wanted to be named like the girl's grandmother Dona Amalia. She lives with the girls aunt in North Carolina. I went visit them. They they live in the countryside where agricultural fields dominate the landscape. She lives in a very small home with a big brood of chickens that she feeds kitchen scraps two and three little puppies. Lope around. They're still learning.

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