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Good evening. I'm Brendan Hazleton. Here are the top stories we're following this hour, and they concerned the D C area forecast. White one. Yes, it may be time to find that snow shovel and salt could be in for our first measurable snow this weekend in a couple years Storm Team four meteorologist Mike Standiford has more on how much we might get and when all this might happen, this will be the first major snow across oration in a couple of years, and we are looking for snow to developed in the early morning hours of Sunday, and it will snow throughout the day on Sunday by the time the sun sets Sunday evening. I think I'll see 2 to 5 inches of snow across the region, and then we may see a change over to freezing. Rain are freezing drizzle for awhile, especially from the district southward. I think we'll see. Another round of snow, possibly mix of freezing rain on Monday is nearly full pressure forms off the coast and here to another 2 to 5 inches of snow is possible so travel will start to be tricky by early on Sunday. And it could be trickier all the way through Tuesday. We already have our first weather related announcement for Monday, Alexandria City, Public school buildings and grounds will be shut down. However, virtual learning will continue on a normal schedule. Be sure to check in with W T O p this weekend for updated information on whether closings and delays You can also find that information. A w t o p dot com Just search closings. Meantime, Metro says it's making service changes this weekend due to the expected winter storm. Starting Sunday, Metrobus will operate on a moderate snow service plan, so service on some routes will be suspended and detours will be in effect on selected routes to avoid hills and narrow streets. Writers are encouraged to check Metro's list of routes that operate under. I just said that didn't I? You'll find more information about Metro's weekend plans at W t o p dot com and ahead of the expected snowfall. There are some things you should do to make sure your car is ready before the flakes arrived. First and foremost the visual inspection of your vehicle. Fernando Martinez is a roadside assistance supervisor with Triple A in Northern Virginia, he says. First check the tires. Are they properly inflated? The correct pressure can be found in the inside of Driver's.

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