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Well, so is there anything we want to address? We have an address. And I know people say the Patriots don't draft or need the report from Mike Reese this year is that's kind of going to be the plan. Yeah, the only other thing that I could maybe entertain. I don't know what's even available at two 58 in the lineback wide receiver department. I don't know if you would consider doubling up there as well just because it is still really have anybody under contract after next year. EJ Perry. Let's go through all the positions. Let's have some fun with this. Okay. I mean, right now, but two 58, Derrick king here is not, I mean, I think he's a UDF a but they met with him. They met with them. So Derek is one of the most fascinating players in college football. I know he's going to win the Heisman list. Yeah. He was the 8th string quarterback in high school who became the top quarterback recruit in the state of Texas. Went to Houston. He was behind, who was it, Greg ward, who was now wide receive for the eagles, was a great quarterback in college. Played wide receiver king did, played two years at wide receiver was pretty good moved to quarterback, had a record setting season got hurt, transferred to Miami. He had another great season, got hurt again. Here we are. He's going to be 26 when the season starts. They met with him. As a practice squad guy for the scout team, he makes a lot of sense. As a potential wide receiver, he makes a lot of sense. Like you said, I think he goes on drafted. I think the fact they met with him. Maybe they can get him in the building. Maybe they already know they can grab him if he doesn't get drafted. Yeah, I mean, I hate well, they did this 7th round, Julian Edelman, right, all over again. That's what's going to happen if they take Derek king years. I think he's Julian Edelman. But it does make sense in that mold, right? It doesn't make sense in that thought process. We don't know where you're going to play necessarily, but we know you're a football player and we'll see what we can do with you. The only other position that I don't think that we've addressed here that we could have potentially addressed was safety. But I don't say it. Let's go through all the positions and rapid fire that we did miss Caleb elbie. Caleb is like the Mac version of Mac Jones. They're going to move on for them. Right. Yeah. All right. Wide receiver. Devin, you know my deal on Devin Hopkins. Fastest player in the draft, but he's 5, 6, a 150 pounds. No. No need. Nobody else. There's some undrafted guys that are interesting. They're not even on the simulator. Tight end. I mean, Connor Hayward's an interesting pick here. We did this last time, didn't we? I think so. Okay. So we'll move on then. We could take a running back. We could take a pass catching back, trust in Abner, my guy, still here. I think at this point you could probably get him as a EDF a, right? Probably get him as UDF. And Michigan guy. Yeah. And low at this point, too. Really liked the dairy and low. Yeah, Darren Rosenthal is still on the board here as well. I think he's going to be long gone by now. But there are some interesting tackles..

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