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It's how I built this from NPR. I'm guy Roz. So throughout the nineteen seventies southwestern lines still only fly within the state of Texas. But then in nineteen seventy eight something really important happens congress decides to completely deregulate the airline industry and for Southwest Airlines. That means they could now start flying to new cities outside of Texas. Her at this point. You southwest is expanding and your competitors are no longer. Just Texas airlines, you're competing was like American and and and and Pan Am and TWA, right. Like, the national major international carrier start to become your competitors. Yeah. So we're we're people skeptical that southwest would be able to compete in the big leagues. Oh, yes. We were described as Texas airline that could only be successful in the state of Texas. Okay. Yeah. Then we Then were. we were described as a sunbelt airline that could not be successful outside the sunbelt. There was a press conference for went into Baltimore. Where one of the reporters there said, well, you know, Mr. Keller, he said, I know you've been very successful out west. But now you're coming to east the most competitive part of the country as far as airline services concerned. And I said, yeah, it's so competitive that when we start out here, we're reducing your existing fares by sixty percent how competitive does that sound. I mean with south west at that time were you guys already sort of no frills what we were. No frills. We're in the sense that we were short hole then that kind of restricts what you can do. You have relatively short flight. Tell like, peanuts and drinks. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And then pretzels, and that sort of thing, but you know, when we start flying longer haul like from San Antonio to Los Angeles. We had a press conference, you know, to nounce a new service and one of the reporters there said, well, you going to serve meals on those flights, and I said, no, we're not we're going to charge you four hundred dollars less per trip. Right. And I understand you can get a pretty good sandwich at Chasen's for four hundred dollars. So when at what point did you give up your lap practice, actually that was at the request the board of directors in nineteen eighty one. So you were still you still had your own law practice that you are doing other work for throughout the entire nineteen seventies. Oh, yes. Yell, and I'll tell you the truth, you know, I didn't really hanger to be part of corporate life because you know, lawyers have a lot more freedom to do their own thing when where they want to. But we heard a very excellent FILA name Lamar muse. It was a real battler to get the company off the ground and operational. He has substantial airline experience, and he did a wonderful job. And so, you know, finally in nineteen Eighty-one we'd lost assessor to Lamar and the board director said to me you've got to do it. And and did you want to do it while I felt had to do? And I'll tell you why. Because the start of the nineteen eighties. You had unemployment of ten point eight percent. You had a double dip recession. You had the air traffic controller strike, then Lamar muse the guy we hired to get the company off the ground. He launched competitor against us called Muser. He's he left southwest, and then launched a competitor. Yup. Says three years after he left gold music. How did you feel about that? Well, I thought it was somewhat immodest on his part. But because he called him us air after himself..

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