B. L. M., Marvel discussed on Glenn Beck


Today and those alone are you bringing truth and peace into the world by your words and actions or you're twisting the truth to divide and destroy which is it today I will fulfill my responsibility to call out evil as I see it as a father the true mission of B. L. M. as outlined on their own website and condemning all those who wear a badge is evil and it will lead to deep misery and death I stand today with those who after nine eleven and quite frankly every major disaster we sank and grovel and Marvel at their heroism there are bad guys and calm should be the first one to rid themselves of those cops but with that being said I don't know who how someone who does what they do every day for our nation a nation that now treats them as killers thugs in animals I don't know how you show up but I thank you for it cops are good and they need our support now more than ever some are bad just as are some mechanics and some protesters those people should be found and prosecuted under a system of justice equal loss to our men and women in blue I salute you and stand by your side today several of the Batman theme is appropriate up to them let me tell you about relief factor what's it.

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