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Oh my God are you okay? Yup I gotTA take a loss. They called me destiny's path. They said they said that you gave you said you were nice to hear. White Rich. Go One cold here to talk to. I talked to someone woman from Idaho. She called dollars and and and you couldn't talk. You were in the Clinton chairs and you were Nice. Little isn't working and we were out for sure. I I thought I thought you were dying. There was a siren in the background. For Christ own your name past. What Hack I want a deal. WanNa can't wait for the next episode of Mother Hacker. You can listen to the entire season right now for Free. Only on spotify. Mother Hacker created by Sandy. Marcus and Amanda Lipids starring Carey. Coon Maccabi Bar Cats Alan Cumming topic. Evanston Lucas Hedges Katrina Link and Pedro Pascal Ridden by Sandy Farkas directed by the Lipids executive producer. Mimi O'Donnell Carrie coon Amanda Lipids and Sandy Farkas senior.

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