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Two nine seven four seven eight thirteen a one so kicked off The morning yesterday with a piece by Sean keillor out of the denver. Post saying just make a decision. Just make a choice. Just let us know who the starting quarterback for the broncos is going to be and had to giggle. Yesterday's news was breaking and we learned that a quarterback teddy bridgewater got the ride while schon keeler added again in the denver. Post and want to see if you agree with this assessment. He says if the ultimate destination for the broncos is the play offs well just ask our own mica kilpatrick. He'll tell us. The ultimate destination is a super bowl victory because he is the consummate broncos fan nothing if not consistent but again is shawn keller and the post says if the ultimate destination for the broncos is the play offs quarterback. Teddy bridgewater is the ride. That gives us the better chance at arriving in one piece. What do you think about that. It's the goal john. Keeler goes on to say is being relevant in november and december where broncos general manager. George peyton sent the bar a month ago giving bridgewater the starting nod act quarterback over drew lock was indeed the right call. He didn't wind up there. No for where. This team is now. Not where broncos country wants it to be but the reality of the roster. It's the right call. He then takes a shot. I suppose it could be construed at the coaching staff for coaching staff. That needs to win now. Starting with the sot this september. The nfl could plop in front of a team. All right he makes a very good point there but that gives them a chance to warm up right. Definitely the right call and for the defensive. That's for the pro bowlers on the final years of their contracts. Look at ju. Von miller and kyle fuller it is the right hall but let me ask you this. Do you believe it's the right call. Healer says if you're still uneasy with fangio's decision just pull up the tape. From last saturday's game at seattle when the seahawks brought pressure from the outside early on in a fourth and five with both edge rushers blowing past. The broncos starting tackles bridgewater sensed it. He stepped into a safe throwing lane. Finish the play in that same game when seattle brought the heat up the middle on. Lock and the backups. In the second half number three turtled he took the sack. Different pressures sure different lineups but also different reactions in different outcomes. Now you trust teddy's is don't you.

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