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Twenty KMOX so voice of the cardinals final segment with just soup on Matt Morris a Mike Shannon and one person we haven't talked about is told Lou Russo the guy who really was at the helm of this whole thing it everybody who knows Tony has a Tony moment someone here what your Tony moment might have been with the skipper well my Tony moment usually happen when used to make his rounds in the outfield and I'd always asking Hey skipper hide Hey doing these illus he would always say check with you know after the game right so after about a week of that he walked I say Hey skipper how you doing right now he looked at me and he smiled he is a he yeah basically saying you got me and then he made his rounds but I you know what that was the first time playing for manager like him in and I respected at the at the big office and I had respect for that in the end and I think he protected the team and and protected you know if the offense was was wasn't doing any put it on the the pitching if the pitching was and how to do it then he put it on the offense and he took the the pressure off the the whatever was struggling as a team at the time and and so I I mean I love plan he never through anyone on now yeah you know I became a really good friend of hers and still I still am and and I used to own the new was full of it and so forth and so on but you know and I and it is some this techniques in this philosophy I didn't approve of but how you gonna argue with his success and I and and I used to say that on here too you know should I batted eighth at time right.

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