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That i still have them all there i put together a list of no signs michigan fight song these are just all there the hannah montana's like just there i made a playlist of all their music growing up and then play it to torture them believable remember back in the day when you made me listen to this i've heard you mention playlists and and those sorts of things intel as a master at the tape quite frequently and i'm facing a dilemma were here first of all you gotta listen what are we listening to over here jewish that's gross i have a yeah kenny you know that we delight in your tortured any okay fine tell me your tell me your playlist dilemma sweetie what do i do with all these awesome mix tapes i have from the eighties and nineties that are on cassette too i just throw them in the bonfire no way to save them and get them digit digitize even if you have are a tapes cd we'll find out we'll get back to you that was my very serious i know i can bring the serious stuff thank.

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