Democrat Gun Laws Encourage More Crime


And John, I tell you, I love that you came on because we need experts to talk about these things. You know, I could talk about them from passion and my expertise as a former police officer and just the stuff that I've dealt with when I was growing up. And you know, it is very, very troubling. With the stats that you have given in the things that you have, you know, relate to the people who are listening that the government is completely feckless when it comes to making proper decisions on gun legislation. I personally believe that we should have less laws, we should have more gun ownership because it is proven as a fact that most people who possess firearms are doing the right thing with it and their law abiding citizens. There's a small group of the population that are out here killing people. No, I mean, that's exactly right. I mean, you have a very small percentage of the population that just commits crimes over and over and over again. And the problem that you have with a lot of these laws is that it's primarily the most law abiding good citizens who obey them. So if we kind of bring this back to the gun free zone stuff that we were talking about at the beginning. And that is, you know, you say you're not allowed to take a gun into a certain area. Well, who pays that? It's the most law abiding citizens. In fact, it actually serves as a magnet for the bad guys because the bad guys know that victims there won't be able to go and fight fast and depend themselves. So it's an attractive place for the criminals to go.

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