Switzerland Has a Stunningly High Rate of Gun Ownership...


You know, there's a lot of European countries that do allow guns, for example, Switzerland. And they don't have this kind of problem. Nothing close to it. So what are they doing differently? They've got more guns, actually. In fact, in a population of about 8.3 million people, there's an estimated 2 million privately held guns. Think about that. And yet going back in some statistics I looked at all the way back to 2016, actually, this is data from 2016, there were 46 homicide attempts with guns, none of them were actually successful. So that's good news, but again, 2 million guns. And yet they don't have these mass shootings. So what's going on? Maybe it's more respect for the weapons. Maybe it's a culture of having that respect for the weapons that's passed along. Fascinating to me, every man. Every male in Switzerland is actually required to have a gun. They're given a gun. By the government, and they have that between the ages of 18 and 33, the government trains them extensively in the use of that gun, but it's expected that they would have a gun in their home. The Swiss model being that they should be armed, but nonetheless, not engage in that combat. But they want to make sure that everybody knows how to at least the men there are a team to 34 33. Now how to use a gun. And then after 33 at 34, you are offered the opportunity to purchase that gun from the Swiss government and you can keep it in your home and you have to have a permit and all that stuff. So lots of guns in Switzerland and yet none of the horrific things like we've seen here.

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