Greg Abbott Orders Texas State Police to Return Migrants to Border


I love your show and never miss it. Thank you. I've heard you be critical of Texas for their PR stunt of busing illegals to Washington D.C. it seems that they are starting to listen. Texas is now authorizing its own state level law enforcement to immediately remove all illegal crossers and put them at the port of entry in Texas. Do you believe this is the right move? Or do you want them to do even more? Becky from Fredericksburg, Texas, first of all, I love Fredericksburg, Texas. It's great, and that is what is happening. Governor Greg Abbott empower state authorities to return migrants to border crossings, breaking in just the last day. Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday cleared state authorities to return migrants. They apprehended the border, setting up a potential clash of the federal government over the authority to enforce immigration law. Thank you. That's what we've been calling for on the show for quite some time. We're not taking credit for it. We've been one among several voices, but not enough, Tucker, Bannon and others. Immigration law enforcement is a federal responsibility to the Texas tribune rights. Abbott appears to be testing the limits of state authority by empowering state law enforcement National Guard troops under state deployment to bring migrants to port of entry, stopping short of using state resources to expel migrants from the country as immigration hawks have increasingly called for in recent months. I call for that, obviously, we should be sending the illegals the lawbreakers, the vigilantes, the line cutters, and the criminals, because those are all descriptions of the people that break illegally into the country and send them back to where they came from. Now look, I want to say something about, you know, some of the illegals that are here. You know, some people say, well, Charlie, a lot of the illegals are here and they just want a better life. And I've always found a difficulty with this argument because imagine knowing you're breaking the law and staying there. I don't have a soft spot for those people. Now, for some of the children, I might have a soft spot like the DACA kids, I don't support Amnesty by any means whatsoever I support removal, but I'm just talking about from a tonal perspective to there's people that say, well, Charlie, come on. These people want a better life. Yeah, a lot of people want a better life. But you're breaking the law every day that you are here.

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