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That cash is still important I got asked to really pull some cash out I probably say you still use cash between today and the march $200 million will get our ATMs and cash And so the ATM structure support So it takes all kinds That's what makes our business model spirit Now the question is how do you optimize So we run that huge consumer business the largest in the country On about a 115 120 basis points of deposits That's phones digital branches everything else by getting the task the customers that are not high value tasks We've engineered them out digitally And yet the consultative tasks which are incredibly important Those have expanded the branches And so if we have 4000 Bates we used to have 6000 but by the way we just had our I think we now start 16th branch and Utah We didn't have any three years ago So we're building out in cities We aren't there Do you build digital platforms And these are just names If you want to make some news here help us Affirm uplift the airline people a different digital platforms that are nascent Do you acquire them Do you learn from them What's the acquisition strategy of digital knowledge In the cash management business we acquired a company a couple of years ago that was had a specialization in certain types of things We'll do that But that's really not We can't make any acquisitions of anybody of any size in the world we're in by law frankly anybody has deposit based So we build it And that was Brian moynihan CEO of Bank of America on Bloomberg surveillance with Tom king and Lisa Brahman at the World Economic Forum in Davos And coming up Former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull On the change in climate in Australian politics You're listening to Bloomberg best Sebastian gorka here I am living a very blessed life as an intelligence analyst and national talk show host and author and I have an amazing family But like many of us aches and pains start to interfere with living my best life even just walking the dog but I found

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