How Can We Stop the Upcoming WHO Treaty? Dr. Naomi Wolf Weighs In


Want to ask you, what can we do to actually put brakes on the World Health Organization world health assembly? Is there still time left on the clock? What can be done? Yeah, well, these are the right questions to ask. I just want to say, I'm scared of that, too. Of course they're going to have their own police force in Canada when Trudeau declared martial law for 24 hours. There were extremely violent police slash military figures abusing protesters and they were un badged, right? They didn't police officer will have his name or her name. Because they're accountable. But these were unidentifiable, really scary people. Same thing in France. You're seeing them all over the world. And there are entities like Blackwater now called Chi, which can send militaries all over the world. So it's the easiest thing in the world to have these mercenaries come over the border now from Canada, or else I've raised this morning before their military age men pouring over the border from places like Afghanistan and Ukraine and the easiest thing in the world to send them to God knows where and to arm them to assist the World Health Organization. So I've been saying as you know for some time that we're at war, I don't want to be a war, but a war is being waged on us. And we have to face the fact. So what can be done? Well, first of all, I can not believe I'm saying this a lifelong former Democrat and child of hippies, but thank God for the Second Amendment. Because one reason that the United States is not entirely enslaved like Australia or Shanghai or Canada in many ways. We're relatively freer compared to those countries is that we have, you know, millions of owners of guns. And I'm a peaceful person. This should not be taken out of context. But it is harder to subjugate an armed population. And this is why our founders gave us the Second Amendment. For exactly times like these. They knew that it was harder to subjugate an armed population. But may that be the worst case scenario, I really hope that it does not devolve into Civil War, which is really what the next thing is in history. When you have an occupying force, which is what the WHO will be by next week. But there are very important things you can do at the state level. Sorry. New Hampshire passed a raft of really good bills in one of them is a Bill where basically they said to the federal government if, you know, you can try all you want to issue federal regulations or laws that are unconstitutional, but New Hampshire is not going to enforce them.

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