Former Police Officer Suggests Armed SROs in Schools


Give us our help me give Tom a warm welcome to the ocelot show. How are you doing, Tom? How you doing? I'm doing well. I'm very interested to hear your take on all of this stuff, man. You're a law enforcement experience. I had 7 years on the police department and you've had several decades on the police department. What's your take on this shooting? What do you think this means for Democrats and the left and what tactical things do you believe could have been done differently based on the information that you have? Well, I did a Fox show today and I got 20 irritated because right away they're asking me about New York Times and their story about the officers moved fast enough. They were outside too long. I'm sick and tired of people that want a second gas police officers when they're in middle of a tragedy like this. Look, how many how many people in The New York Times have been pushed out? But going through the hip and running too fire, running the gunfire, and I run away from that run towards it. So here's what I think. First of all, we talk about schools. I've said this for the last three months. The schools need to be hard. Look, we got armed officers protecting our banks, protecting our money. We got armed officers protecting politicians. We had armed officers that shopping malls and movie theaters. I don't think that we got the greatest trench on earth. You got a lot of retired police officers. They're mandatory. Many departments like the feds were mandatory 57. I see a lot of retired friendly agents. I would love to keep doing something, but the rules prevent it. We allow the target military to serve their community still. So I think there's enough retired police retired military that would be glad to act as an school resource officer. And that does a lot of things. Number one, you know, a lot of high schools have much I think it's time for elementary schools have and I think the parents would feel safer being their kids off to school. I think the kids would be safe. And I also think it will help rebuild the relationships between the community and the police departments at the left, the progressives have destroyed in the last several years. I call them for defunding the police because what happened Ferguson, because you got one to two bad cops, they want to call the whole institution

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