Former Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis on Pennsylvania's Doug Mastriano


Guys, I'm really happy to welcome to the podcast. My friend, fellow, Salem, podcast host, constitutional law attorney, host of the Janet Ellis show, special counsel at the Thomas more society and former senior legal adviser and counsel to president Donald J Trump. Jenna Ellis, Jenna, great to have you. Thanks for joining me. Let's start by talking about mastery ano. This is Douglas mastery Anna, who kind of pulled off what is it fair to say an upset victory in Pennsylvania? Talk about your role and participation in this remarkable development. Yeah, thanks so much, my friend for having me and I was with the mushroom campaign the last night to celebrate this victory party and it's been an amazing grassroots movement that has spread like wildfire throughout Pennsylvania because Doug mashed around truly understands as a citizen first. What pennsylvanians and broader Americans care about, which is primarily to protect and preserve our rights and also to protect and preserve election integrity. And so yeah, it was a huge landslide victory. He won by almost 45% of the vote. And I told him 45 is a great number, because president Trump, of course, endorsed him. And so he won with a wider percentage of the vote than the second and third place candidates combined. So what this says to me is that people are waking up across America and we want to put into positions in federal office state and local leaders who actually understand what America is all about and are willing to ask questions about election integrity are willing to ask questions about government and won't shy away when they're called terms and derivative terms like insurrectionist and election denier. They don't care. A Doug mushroom doesn't care. I don't care. He will stand up and fight for liberty and so

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