Why Has the CPI Inflation Calculation Changed Over Time?


Isn't going to convince them that that's that time is done enough So we do have to watch the inflation of speculation that CPI inflation in the U.S. may already have peaked or be in the process of peaking but time will tell And I think over the next few months at the end of the summer we have a lot more information as to how far they do have to go But we do see the risk that they will hike a lot in order to get their credibility on inflation back And we could see that risk of recession into 2023 Where do you go on the risk of recession The dollar has wobbled because a lot of people came on the show and they told us it was very full It was very rich If there's plausible possibility let's put it that way from the fed And that evolves over the summer Is the dollar so fully valued Jane or do you think no man is global risks are the dollar remains the destination and that will overcome rape nerves You know I would plan for the latter because the dollar is such a primary safe haven I don't think we can necessarily expect that it's linked to its own domestic fundamentals in the way that most other currencies are So for instance if you get slower growth in the U.S. for most other countries that would mean the currency would weaken But in the U.S. if we are coincidentally having

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