Trouble in the Writers' Room at 'Rescue 911'


There's trouble on the set of rescue 9-1-1 and it's such a bullshit situation, but this is the state of Hollywood now. Who the hell wants to be in Hollywood with all this shit? So last April, station 19 8 O episode that was hailed as one of the most powerful reflections of George Floyd's murder on television. It was written by an executive producer showrunner named Christa vernoff and some other people on the show's writing stuff contributed as well. More than a year later, an incident involving the depiction of racism on the page has left the writing team of the show reeling. It's got nothing to do with the writers recent draft of an outline. It has to do with what they hand it in. On the upcoming season 6 episode that included numerous uses of a racial slur by a racist character right away the N word pops up, right? So I'm hearing the script was assigned to a white writer who can white people write what bothers blacks or Hispanics, I don't know, the word in question this white writer used was beaner. It's a word that they won't even write in articles and newspapers around they won't even write the R took me a while to figure out what the fuck they were talking about. Beaner. You know, Mexicans pick beans. Okay. Derogatory, I get it. If you're a Latino descent, meanwhile, it's a term that the comedian Carlos mencia who was half Mexican would use all the time in his act and on his Comedy Central show. Beaner. I'm not even worried saying that word. I can't stand saying the N word. I've used that word to make a point. I've used it if I'm talking about music that contains the word or a discussion that contains the word. There's no reason to say it now, so I won't. But if someone brings it up and a discussion, they're talking about it, then I'll talk about it this controversy. But Peter, it means nothing to me. Nothing. So the guy ends in the outline and it's met with shock. It's not with disbelief. When he shares it with the writers room,

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