Doncic, Mavs beat foul-plagued Paul, Suns to even series 2-2


The the the the Mavericks Mavericks Mavericks Mavericks have have have have even even even even their their their their Western Western Western Western Conference Conference Conference Conference semifinal semifinal semifinal semifinal series series series series the the the the two two two two games games games games a a a a piece piece piece piece with with with with the the the the one one one one eleven eleven eleven eleven one one one one a a a a one one one one win win win win over over over over the the the the Suns Suns Suns Suns Luka Luka Luka Luka Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers scored scored scored scored twenty twenty twenty twenty six six six six points points points points to to to to help help help help Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas shoot shoot shoot shoot twenty twenty twenty twenty of of of of forty forty forty forty four four four four from from from from three three three three point point point point range range range range but but but but Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge was was was was more more more more impressed impressed impressed impressed with with with with teammate teammate teammate teammate Dorian Dorian Dorian Dorian Finney Finney Finney Finney Smith Smith Smith Smith who who who who delivered delivered delivered delivered a a a a playoff playoff playoff playoff career career career career high high high high twenty twenty twenty twenty four four four four points points points points on on on on eight eight eight eight of of of of twelve twelve twelve twelve from from from from beyond beyond beyond beyond the the the the arc arc arc arc amazing amazing amazing amazing was was was a a a atriz atriz atriz amazing amazing amazing whatever whatever whatever the the the words words words you you you know know know but but but I'm I'm I'm not not not surprised surprised surprised he's he's he's capable capable capable of of of doing doing doing this this this Suns Suns Suns guard guard guard Chris Chris Chris Paul Paul Paul found found found out out out early early early in in in the the the fourth fourth fourth quarter quarter quarter one one one game game game after after after committing committing committing seven seven seven turnovers turnovers turnovers Paul Paul Paul finished finished finished with with with just just just five five five points points points seven seven seven assists assists assists and and and seven seven seven rebounds rebounds rebounds Devin Devin Devin Booker Booker Booker had had had a a a game game game high high high thirty thirty thirty five five five points points points for for for the the the sons sons sons who who who host host host game game game five five five on on on Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

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