It's Time to Rise up and Support Arizona's Blake Masters


Blake masters just won without spending a penny on negative campaigning. He defended himself when necessary it wasn't like he allowed himself to get lied about, but I think there is something about this younger energetic and optimistic message. Okay, Blake masters dot com is how everyone donates and everyone should. We did this before, but you got to refill the coffers, right? Blake, we are running low on time. Tell us about it. We need to get our grassroots Charlie Kirk show army behind you $5, $10, $15, Blake tell us about the need in front of you. Yes, please, it all adds up. It's all important. You know, Mark Kelly. He's a fundraising machine. The Democrats just funnel this step to him. He's got like $30 million. And it's a lot more than I have, you know, we don't need to go toe to toe with him, but man, we need to raise money. So you can spare 5 bucks, ten bucks, 20 bucks. Please go to blink master's dot com, help me win this Senate seat. That's how we start taking back this country.

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