Poll: Democrats Lead by 4% in Midterm Races


Democrats are leading in the midterm race with a 4% edge over the GOP on the generic congressional ballot. This is a Suffolk university USA Today poll. 44% should if the election were held today, they would vote for a Democrat, only 40% said they'd vote for a Republican a 16% remain undecided. So maybe that's the key if you believe this poll. But I just want to ask you, simple question. Do you honestly believe that more Americans are upset about roe V wade? Being overturned? Then being able to pay the bills, you know, we fall into a trap with polls. And the trap is this. If a poll confirms what we hope for or what we think, we like the poll. If it doesn't, we don't like the poll. And I don't want to fall into that trap. I'm just going to ask you the smartest audience in America. Here in the relief factor dot com studios as we kick things off for a Friday, July 29th. Do you honestly think that this poll is correct that more Americans are concerned about abortion? Than they are, the economy, their bank account, their 401k, filling up the gas tank, going to the grocery store. Being able to buy a house pay rent?

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