The Severe Terror Tactics Used by Pro-Choice Activists


The protests outside the home of justice Kavanaugh continue. And while their peaceful protests, it's a little disturbing this idea that the left is able to show up at your house. You would think that there would be proper venues for these protests, but you wouldn't be able to come and harass someone where they live. And so you have this alarming scene of these sort of police officers with helmets and batons, and then all these protesters milling about them and shouting slogans and signs and so on. But that's not the worst of it. The worst of it is what the left is doing to these pregnancy centers. The pro life pregnancy centers around the country now life news, which is a pro life site, has documented 40 plus incidents of violence and vandalism directed at pro life individuals and organizations ever since the leak of the draft Supreme Court's decision. By the way, where is the leaker? How is it the case that you have this investigation and somehow you can't find the leaker who gave this information to the media? What? No. Let's look at these incidents because they are quite disturbing. Houston, early May, holy rosary Catholic Church vandalized on the pastor, faster Harris says most definitely it's a result of the leak that came out last week. So Catholic target but on by the pro abortion activists in early May, manassas, Virginia, vandals defaced a pro life pregnancy resource center, writing graffiti all over the building, abortion is a right, you people are liars, a whole bunch of incidents in Texas, early May Portland, Oregon, southeast Portland, pregnancy center. You can see the windows smashed as a photo here. There's the F word, debris everywhere. May 3rd, Frederick Maryland, the care net pregnancy center defaced with spray painted pro abortion messages that say pro abortion, go to PP, Planned Parenthood instead, abortion is a right. This is not a real clinic, and forced motherhood, and then one more example out of the 40, then I'll give you may 8th, Madison, Wisconsin. I left this so called anarchist group, attacks the Wisconsin family action office. They've tossed two molotov cocktails into the office after breaking windows, and then they set the office on fire.

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