Actor Kevin Sorbo Talks to Dinesh From Israel About His Movie Projects


Guys, I'm pleased to welcome to the podcast actor director producer Kevin sorbo. You know him for Hercules Andromeda, God's not dead, soul surfer, let there be light. And he's got a whole bunch of projects coming up, which we're gonna talk about Kevin, thanks for joining me. I really appreciate it. You are in Israel. Tell us what you're doing there. I was shooting a documentary, I actually came here about three and a half years ago, I shot a documentary with John Lennox, John Lennox is a retired math professor from Oxford, you know, we as an apologist, he's debated all the great atheists who are like singer and Dawkins and Hitchens and we shot here and it's called against the tie to highly recommend that one. But this time, I'm doing the same type of thing I'm on camera, but I'll be narrating this as well, but it deals with the quest and search for the ark of the covenant. And it's been amazing. I'm working with two gentlemen out here that once worked in an archeological dig right now, which they believe is the site of the Israelites before they lost the Philistines at the site of Shiloh. So they're in an archeological dig in Shiloh right now. And these guys are amazing. I'm really, I'm the audience. I'm the guy that doesn't know most of this stuff, but these guys, I just asked the questions and they just take off. And hopefully it's going to be coming out. Sometime around November. They want to rush and get this thing out there before

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