Who Is the Force Behind Transgender Mutilation? Jay Greene Explains


Have you found because as that quote from Hemingway, things happen very, very slowly, and then suddenly things happen. What was the, who was driving this? Who in 2010 says, yes, we're going to cut the breasts off 12 year old girls. Who's the force behind this doctor green? So yeah, I mean, you're right. It did happen gradually and then all of a sudden. And the gradually was that it started actually in the Netherlands around 1990 at a clinic and then kind of spread from their very gradually and it's not really until 2015 that it ramps up dramatically in the U.S. and it's probably Bruce Jenner changing to Caitlyn Jenner that was the impetus for this very dramatic increase in the interest in changing one sex or gender identity as a way of potentially of solving one's problem. So the issue going on here is that it's largely girls and girls unfortunately suffer from an unusually high rate of depression and anxiety, especially these days. It's hard being a girl growing up. But we've seen this before. I remember in the 80s and 90s, it was bulimia. It was anorexia. And this seems to be the next version of the group dynamic of the precious of being a pubescent girl. This is the new thing, but Bruce Jenner being on TV screens is one thing doctor. They have to be medical professionals who say, we're going to do this to children. So have you identified a focal point or scent of gravity professionally? I mean, there are some gender ideology advocates who really helped spread this. But honestly, this is largely the initial interest in this among teenage girls is peer to peer. And they're getting interested in learning about it in the same way they learned about and got interested in eating disorders or cutting. They're just looking for ways of regaining control of their lives and getting on top of problems of depression and anxiety.

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