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And I think that we live in a world where people we care so much about and how people perceive us we lose ourselves and the last thing we do is actually show up in the moment the way we need to instead were really worried about pleasing thing other people so we don't set boundaries. We're not kind to ourselves. We don't receive sometimes. We don't say what we need to say. And instead were hurting people all NIB mostly ourselves but sometimes other human beings. We could actually free if we could be kind and tell them the truth in the nicest way possible just to share truth. I don't think that ever happens enough. Like I don't know any scenario where it's happening enough and I just think it's amazing that you decided to write a book on it. Yeah I agree and in that same feeling of like giving all of yourself to work or your friends ends and not having any of your resources or reserves for when you get home you know in. That situation happens all the time right now. I'm just like you know. I have no patience nations and he said I can't give myself and yet that's the part of the day that all I can think about right. That's the part of the day that you know. You want to make sure that you're not anti British last year but you're staying in the moment with your kid right because tomorrow there. Nineteen college able to do that tonight. Thing that like I just I think from failing and living it and trying and learning is the only way that I can bite And share because it's not that this is oh look this is what I they do. It's perfect you know. I live it every day and it's messy and I learned from failures and I'm just constantly trying to bring much off the bat. Entre absolutely amazing. And it's so important and while we're still talking about the book for one more minute. Is there any steps that right now listeners can hear about you talk about action. Small actions people could take you said before one of the things in terms of finding that childhood wonder is like you know pulling out a paintbrush or doing my things like about what about radical kindness in terms of taking better. Care yourself any steps that people can take the I think the South Caras probably one of the bigger things that people above and really gravitating towards having that moment of South Carolina. I think the biggest thing is that it doesn't have to be long right. We could literally take five minutes of doing something that you love one of the things I talk a lot about. Is that sense. Are I hate to run right or I hate to this kind of. It's finding the thing that you actually do enjoy and then do that and and do it for five minutes right when in some sort of exercise in some sort of self care and some meditation some sort of you know like finding the right moment and right thing and then figuring out how to add to are those moments And then also south care in the sense of going back to those asking yourself the questions kind of like what you're asking me. What part of your life defines you write like trying to pivot and go back to what your morals and values are and what feeds you and what the bills you and? What excites you and just do more of it? You exactly those things that we do laugh you know and just to bring it full circle as we're closing so just in November just recently Blues Blue's clues and you came out. Can you tell us what what happened. Yeah so we did a reboot which is so exciting. The family literally got together. So Steve. Who's our first I and and directing Tony with the whole family came back together and you know it's doing really well it literally tales like you're about to feel so fulfilled to have composed circle like that? Oh my God I just love it. So it's like gun nonstop goodness train. There's been just a record record breaking amount of just beautiful gifts that you've given to the we're all gets just really amazing. Thank you for sharing all of this and tell us where we can find you. Tell US whatever you WANNA send us to. Yeah Angeles Clues Dot Com. You can find me on twitter and instagram on the website. And then of course you know if you wanted to follow any of the specific shows. They're all those as as well In terms of Nickelodeon Netflix Amazon. PBS You know so amazing amazing different partners that we haven't been at work but in my website Angelou's dot colleagues to all of that information and more thank you so much for the time and I'm just so excited that we get to share this episode with everyone. It was so good faith you. I love talking to Angela. I love her. She's my new friend. Okay here are the takeaways number. One get a job that lets you explore what you might WanNa do. Get a sense of whether you love love it or hate it number two ZAG. What everyone else is zigging number? Three being the moment live in the moment. Love that moment before we live in a time. Where if you have something to say you have the opportunity to say it? Number five know is just another way to yes over six when you use your mind and take one step at a time. You can do anything you want to do. Number seven sometimes. It hurts to be kind. It can be what's best for you and who you WANNA help and number eight. Just take five minutes to do something. You love okay. We'll today I wanNA share a really special win Greg. Franklin posted this on our facebook group and he said yesterday was our one year anniversary. We have sold Over fifteen thousand cheesecakes and thousands of cookies gooey butter cakes and several other things. We've been in magazines podcast new shows and of course a book it. It has been such a fun stressful eventful weird busy year. Weird people in their complaints weddings birthdays new fans. We made so many new friends and lost them. We've learned Sony things time for a new year new things. Greg I just want to give you the absolute biggest shoutout. The biggest congrats congrats for selling over. Fifteen thousand cheesecakes cakes congrats for all the times. You've got to shine in the spotlight until your journey congrats for surviving. The first year as the full-time she's in Asia. I know you're going to still see yourself as just a guy in Missouri Baking cheesecakes but trust me. It's so much more than that now. You've really helped illuminate for so many people what's possible you don't even know how inspiring you you and your story is. I wish you even more growth and so many cool opportunities in your next year because you totally deserve it and who knows maybe we will get you a movie deal and have John C reilly really play you because the world needs to know about the rise of Greg Franklin and the cheesecake Ninja. If you guys haven't heard story you can listen to the episode. We did with him last year. It's it's called how a cheesecake craving led to calling. It's one of my absolute favorite episodes. We've ever done go check out his new website. The cheese Dot Com Greg. We love you. Oh okay I also want to share a super sweet message. I got from Clarisa. And she said Hi. Cathy of loving the book the part which resonates the most right now is suzy. Moore's idea that thinking in is the enemy. The most important thing is simply making a decision. It's advice I give my peers and team as a coach at work and really present to the fact that I need to take my own advice as as someone who doesn't WanNa do the wrong thing. I tend to be cautious and that can lead to analysis paralysis. What is wrong? Anyway who says as I reflect on twenty nineteen. It's been a breakthrough three year in many ways. I made a decision to explore facilitating workshops and executed five vision board workshops. I made a decision to be an art show every month in in two thousand eighteen gene and my art was exhibited eight months of this year. I made some extra money in these endeavors. Learned a lot also made the decision to invest in myself. And I knew I would do some work with you this year. Kathy I and I did at the glow retreat. I also felt the same way about a few others. WHOSE COURSE I purchased all worth it? That said it's time to make another decision that I was to to make in two thousand eighteen eighteen and that's the decision to get out there as a leadership life coach. That really came to me as I was reading your book Kathy. I've been doing this type of work for nine years. One of my worried about. I've been very safe if it worked for which I'm grateful I have an income from it and it's time to level up in twenty twenty. These are the questions that I'm keeping top of mind. What will my life look like if I keep holding onto? This need to be perfect. How different can my life be willing to be uncomfortable? What if I start wearing right now? Clarisa Clarisa that is so good. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm just so proud of you. I'm just so happy this is so good at it really was such a gift to have been a part of this chapter in your life. I for you feel renewed. A new feel like you're coming back home to who you are and I love seeing how you're taking one scary step. It's just incredible to think about where you're going to be in a year. I'm so so glad that the book is inspiring to help you. Stop over thinking it and let go of any need for perfection in just go for it. You are so much more than enough you have so much to give and I loved and having you at the glow retreat. I cannot wait to see what beautiful magic is in store for you this year and this decades please keep us posted you guys. I'd love to hear how this book has been making breakthroughs for you or getting you into action to let us know you can email. Hello don't keep your day job dot com and we'll give you shadow on the show. Also we are are actually doing one. More retreat January twelfth in the evening begins and then all day January thirteenth fourteenth. This'll be at my home. A lot of fun things in store We have two spots left so if you'd like to be a part of that retreat you could. DNB On instagram. I can tell you all of the details. Remember we're doing a really special listener win episode next week to celebrate the milestones that you've hit the steps you've made. Maybe you hit your goal of one hundred. FC sales or you built your side-hustle enough to make a fulltime income or you made a major your mindset shift whatever it is I want to hear about it you can either right in an email or you can record a voice memo and email us at hello at. Don't keep your day job dot com with the subject line. Twenty nineteen win. I so excited to just hear more about what you're up to and how far you've come this year. He WanNa hear the amazing episodes coming up. You don't WanNa Miss Anything. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and it would mean the world to me if you left us a rating and review. Don't forget I'm doing a one thousand dollars target Gift Card giveaway where we are giving away a thousand dollars to target we are GONNA be choosing a winner on the twenty third. All you have to enter the lever of you for the podcast. If you WANNA get an extra entry by my book for a friend and you can find all the details on my instagram. At Kathy Dot Heller and you can DMV a screen shot of your review due to be entered into that giveaway. I love you guys. Thank you for listening. I know that you have a million things you could be doing right now with your time and you showed up here which means the world if you like this episode or any episode take a second and share it with a friend because maybe maybe it'll change their life maybe it'll give them a whole different year a year ahead. Maybe it'll change their decade. Who knows and maybe that will then change the world? Thank you so much for listening. I'll talk to you on Monday..

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