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There's experience transgene as well as Equifax you need to pull the tri. Merge copy of your credit report, so you can see exactly what's on there and what's owed? And based on the divorce decree. Who's responsible for what inside of those debts That's GONNA be important I'll tell you what I'm GonNa, do I'm GonNa? Get you connected. Kelly's going to get your information. We're going to get you connected with one of our financial coaches, and they I train them walking through situations like this, so they'll be able to sit with you and help you navigate this. It's irritating and frustrating, but it's going to be an necessity that you make this a priority and remember. Remember what I said about. These emotional buttons based on the divorce decree. Whoever's responsible for what that's? What has to happen But you know. I think you know in this situation. Tornado for utilize right now is irritating and frustrating, but you're going to get through this and you're going to be able to move forward now faster through these baby steps because you don't have that anchor around you the person that's trying to go in reverse when you're trying to go forward, you get a chance to pursue. Your terms so I want to encourage in. Doctor wants you to speak to us. We got to let go of the victim thinking gay. What's done in the past is in the past I tell people to rear view mirrors smaller than the windshield baby, and you can glance back in the rear view mirror but I want you to focus forward. 'cause what's ahead of you is better than what's behind you. I as a general rule of life. Talk too much. But, that's the best answer I've ever heard, so I'm not even to say anything. Christopher that was part banker, part, marriage and family therapist part attorney Joe all of it well play or not normally so concise in Weiser. But you're exactly right that the thing that. You said she needs to hear is. In that short phone call. She mentioned things at her. Ex did several times. Yeah, that's gotTa stop because she can't carry that stuff. It is what it is now. She can decide to move forward and it sucks man. It's heavy and it's annoying and she's GonNa put credit report. Dude and that's going to be. s going to be devastated. She sees all that nonsense. We noticed. Is Awful and then she's GonNa get with a with a coach. She's GonNa. Get a game plan, and then she's going to go forward. Let all that nonsense. Go and I know that sounds trite and easy, but Christopher. You keep working at this. You'RE GONNA. Get this radio thing. Down friend well, I got the radio, so I think we all right. But but no, you're right. I like what you said about. Put it down and that's amazing. Because each day we decide what we're going to pick up in. How much crap I wake up every morning I just start picking it up grabbing frightening. Get out of bed. It's exactly right. Do you ever watch the movie frozen Oh? Yeah, all right I got a four year old daughter. My youngest son, I saw it so many times in the song go and I'll never forget. I was watching it the seventy second time I watched it so much. I was hoping it I'll man one of my buddies. Who Played Football at Alabama? He goes dude. Are you humming frozen without blinking US do. Did you recognize him? Right first and foremost, but but here's the deal. These these Disney movies have adult themes. Let it. Go, and there's so much that I feel like we hold onto regret. Bad mistakes thing you didn't do ninety eight doing whatever and X. Y. and Z. that we get to make a decision to let some of that stuff. Go down down and grabbed the things that matter for you. Put it down if we would open our eyes every morning and just give a quick prayer that we're on the wakeup list again. Do a quick run through the things we're grateful for, and then before our feet touch the floor. We just thought. What stuff I'm not going to carry today. Noggin carry the fact that you know did this in high school that me and my wife had a fight two weeks ago that I didn't talk to my son in a way that I thought I should have talked to him last night. I'M GONNA. Get up today I'M GONNA. Be Whole I'm GonNa go get today. Let it go I like that speaking of letting. Letting it go. I want you to let go of the fear. You have about talking to someone about your financial future. You have fear. You think they're going to judge me on what I didn't do I. Should have done more I'm hesitant. I, want you to get real for a minute. You know a lot of you are close to baby. Step forward. You're freaking out because you're not. You know the fifteen. Fifteen percents you need there or maybe you haven't done enough. It's okay to have questions I just want you to start investing. The trick is to work with an investment professional like a smartvestor pro. They can answer all your questions in plain. English not some industry jargon. Where like they're talking at you and to you because when it comes to investing, you need to know where you're investing in investing in and. And the SMARTVESTOR PRO can help you go to Daveramsey. Dot Com slash smartvestor and start building wealth today. Listen this hours in the books and want to think producer Zach, Bennett standing in on a thank Kelly, Daniel and one of all of you, America for tuning in to the show..

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