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Jet set. Juliet. Oh, hello. Verdicts are in Once again the pool will increase here There is a W A B C pool. Of our office. Workers are personnel. Those on air affair about 1000 bucks in there at this point in production advertising the whole nine yards way back when there was the lock down in March because of coronavirus, this Ah betting scam. Of our fellow colleagues began to take hold it just like in your yearbook who would most likely be a criminal who would most likely be success. I was voted overwhelmingly the one person in W A B C most likely to be positive for Corona virus. Yes. And once again, the test results are in and there are a lot of sad faces because the pool is big. I have been declared to be negative. Well, remember, Curtis that this is the test from last Friday? I believe, is it not? No. Oh, no, no. This is the test from Tuesday. Okay? Yes, the one I was complaining that it's not okay. Yes. Tuesday, so they came back. Verily fairly quickly. Yeah, I'm negative. Mangal Lucas. Negative. I mean, I guess everybody who's in here today is negative because we all had to take that test. But remember all of those folks at the White House you know, a lot of them are just starting to test positive. Now there's a second guy, the second in command of the U. S. Marines. Who was at the event last Sunday, like a week ago this past Sunday at the White House Thie medals medal ceremony. No, he just testified, so looks impossible. It's still incubating in your person. Let's face it, Brian Mongol, UCI and everybody else who had contributed to their pool is very upset because boy, would they have a payday? And now As long as there are no other eruptions like Rudy Giuliani eruptions that he has been in the middle of a group of people that could have been super spread is Although we're still awaiting in stir tests, Mama, he's the on ly person standing from that war room, swears by his prophylactic hydroxy, Cora, Quinn and zinc each day. It's the only one who has not been positive. But if there are no further Rudy Giuliani eruptions I don't have to worry about my schnoz being invaded for another two weeks. Is that correct? That is correct. Okay? Yes. All right on the pool will increase because I know eventually. I will be positive because I have always said eventually all of us were going to get Corona virus. Hopefully, it doesn't overload the health care system. Yes, exactly. By the way, there is a gigantic pigeon sitting out staring at you. I've never seen a pigeon that big. It's got to be pregnant with it ISS and not only that it's how huge that very hungry I may have to go out during one of our burglary. Looks like it's eaten there. Remember cheating for to a cheating for itself? The mother and it's Ah! Young baby pigeon. I'll take care of that. But anyway, Jet, said Juliet let's get into the vice presidential debate last night in Salt Lake City, Utah, other than the fly that was on vice President. Pence's Cua Fjord Hare Jake Tapper wanted he sent out a very funny tweet wanting to book the fly. I gotta tell you hence didn't blink didn't twitch I don't know if he had any idea, but for a good three minutes that fly was right on his main. Yeah, I don't think he knew it. Could the fly just didn't seem to be moving around or anything, And he's got his hair sprayed basically shall act. So he probably had a lot of barriers there. You'll find just stuck in and you should be the other thing. I noticed. Maybe others did not his head. It appeared simultaneously. This is like an hour in 18 minutes into the debate. If somebody was either having some kind of a fit, where they was yelling out in the audience, or maybe it was a little dog, You know, comfort dog. I don't know, but it seemed like maybe somebody with correction drum Every other minute, Lise. I heard. Yeah. I didn't hear that. But I was actually on the train going home because I met a girlfriend of mine for a late lunch. And interestingly enough, I don't know if this was coincidence, but there is a man on my train. He was sitting right at the end of the car. I was sitting at one and he was on the other and he was quacking. And I actually recorded it and tweeted it out. You gotta weigh 30 seconds. I had the phone, like slyly on the side of the seats waiting for him. And then you hear that at the 32nd mark back. So I don't know. I mean, I mean, I'm not making fun of people who have Tourette's clearly that's you know, it's an affliction. That's very different. Maybe I'm hearing things all, though, the night crew because, remember, I was the moderator of the Post debate analysis featuring our owner operated John Catsimatidis. And also Rudy Giuliani. They were broadcasting from parts unknown. I was here, but then I crew here, including Frank Morano, host Thie other side of midnight would start at one. Dale heard Rumbling said about 1 18. You know, somewhere in the audience now didn't distract I the moderator or Senator Harris or Vice President. Pence. Um, maybe I was just hearing things like sometimes. I am prone to dio 1 808 for a W A, B. C and then lo and behold, I understand that Ah, flush with the thrill of having a victorious interview with us yesterday. Over the really sad passing of Eddie Van Halen, your heavy metal rock star husband, Johnny Boy. Apparently was having what dreams last. Right, Senator me. Excuse me. If that was the case, then he wouldn't have told me. But I He actually was already asleep by the time I got home. S o. We discuss the Harris but Pence debate this morning on my way to work, and he said he started to kind of fumble and bumble and he's like I I just I mean, I think I want to kind of tell you something, but you know, don't don't take it the wrong way, and I'm like what John? He said. Why was I mean, I just think she's a very impressive woman. I mean, she's she's very She's very classy. She's she's an impressive woman. And I'm like it's okay. You think she's fetching? It's okay. I think she is. She's classy as well. I think she Ah is a beautiful woman. And yeah, I mean, I said, John, you know That's cool, man. I like the fact that you could admit that kind of stuff to me. Let me take Ah statement out of short by the Greek Is your husband, Johnny boy, not a man. Is he not a man right now. He's a man. Okay. So look, Yeah. Willy round, most powerful political person in California, maybe in its history, who was not only speaker of the assembly, but mayor of San Francisco and a real shot caller. Um, um, She was his commodity. That's Willie bound. Oh, And we know that Barack Obama got into a little bit of trouble with Michelle Obama because when he was making an appearance in public appearance in California, he couldn't seem to get his eyes off of then the state attorney general. Come on, Lars and Michelle was a little perturbed with him. Didn't say anything was going on. But let's face it. I think Barack Obama was enamored. With her, just like your husband. And who knows? Maybe last night after watching the debate for an hour and a half and finally coming some Aziz Johnny Boy who admitted crying in the middle of the day, over the loss of any man, Haley? Yes, a grown man crying. He's very comfortable with his manliness. Curtis. I understand that, but maybe reverted to his manly ways by having a wet dream that you're so disgusting to even say that you know who says that kind of stuff, by the way. And the fact is that my husband and I have a wonderful relationship, and he feels comfortable being able to tell me that he thinks she's being I think..

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