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Have you heard our conversation from corner office last week you heard me fess up that those interviews with ceos don't you know technically always happen in corner offices today another revelation i guess should call it the person with whom you're about the hear me talk isn't the ceo budge she is plenty powerful and influential all the same joanna kohl's is the chief content officer for hearst magazines as wire pauper's bazaar good housekeeping some of the title you will know kohl's is fresh off a run as the editor in chief of cosmopolitan i went to see her in her office when i was in new york couple of weeks ago and as i started i did as i often do with people astra her to set the scene uh this is the office of the chief content i hope that all of us it's a rather thrilling office isn't it eichel my treadmill desk which i love on which i wore calm a lot because sitting is the knees making we have a view of central park and we also have this magnificent picture of kim kardashian at sydney's stand painted from the back looking at different covers of herself it took me a minute i was going to say anything but since you brought it up that's a very kardashian esque posed than that in that portugal it is i by which i think you mean she has an enormous off in had gene well i wasn't going to say that the chore is yours companies and it's actually nine that i do if you want to point out have a wonderful picture of bob dylan walking through central part will actually down central part west by richard avedon which is the companies uh so you have the event won back i laugh to give them back when they find me and i will know that when they had of security refuses to laugh through the tail of style where i have to come every day this is probably a good moment then talking about you going fired to point out that you've only been in this job look a year or half i have some hoping for a little bit more round lightly can never say never say 'never chewbacca for a minute before we.

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