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President trump today tweeted congratulations to a naval officer he pardoned saying go out and have the life you deserve white house press secretary sarah sanders told reporters at a news briefing the president had pardoned a christian sosa who was arrested and charged with taking photos of classified areas inside the u s s alexander while was stationed in connecticut back in two thousand nine the sentencing judge found that mr sasi as a fence stands in contrast to his commendable military service the president is appreciative of mr sasi a service to the country salty a pleaded guilty back in two thousand sixteen but argued that his prosecution was driven by sensitivity about classic fight information during the hillary clinton email scandal john stolnis washington just a few days out from a special congressional election president trump heads for western pennsylvania later today to rally for gop congressional candidate rexecode in his race against democrat conner land game johnson laura and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters european union trade chief cecilia malmstrom says she is still in the dark about whether the blog will be left off the hook from planned us tariffs this after frank but ultimately fruitless talks with her american counterparts in brussels today the vicks may not be sending an allclear sign for the markets that according to jeff regan lack gone lacked the billionaire bond manager who is chief executive officer of double line capital said on twitter late yesterday that the markets are ash and important crossroads but he said he was skeptical that volatility is over deutsche bank management waived its bonuses for a third consecutive year well it did boost payouts for bankers and traders despite reporting a loss for 2017 adroit shebang spokesperson confirmed the twelve board won't get extra compensation for 2017 loyd length fine said a report of his exit from goldman sachs is premature the goldman chief executive officer pushed back friday against a wall street journal article that said he plans to step down as soon as the end of this year y'all who has won a dismissal of some of the claims in its giant databreach suit a us judge in san jose issued a ruling friday allowing some claims to proceed and tossing others blocking gun sales to buyers under21 might be illegal bloomberg's mark mills reports following the mass school shooting in parkland florida national retailers like diction walmart moved to voluntarily stopped showing firearms to those under the.

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