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Yes. Went up and up the steps that I looked and saw that green green grass, and I says, wow, you're right. Yeah. Here. I am just a kid in Fenway. It's a baseball community. And it's with that sense of community that they gather around the television and opening day and share the start of another season from Lynn curls Stevens WBZ Boston's News Radio or tonight that chief's fan who allegedly shine a laser at Tom Brady during the AFC championship game has been identified. Kansas City star reports wine Morgan's been given a ticket for disturbing. The peace and faces up to a year in jail or a fine up to one thousand dollars. Pats went on to win the game and not and then one Super Bowl fifty three. A new indictment of the college admission scandal sixteen parents, including actress Laurie Lachlan now facing a charge of money laundering conspiracy. Meantime, actress, Felicity Huffman, who's agreed to plead guilty in the case now scheduled to enter her plea next month in Boston federal court the Rhode Island man accused in the disappearance of Jesse Korea pleads not guilty Jesse Korea vanish, we'll celebrating her birthday venue nightclub. In Boston days later police pulled over Lewis Coleman and Delaware and his body was in a suitcase in his car. Coleman was in an orange prison jumpsuit and shackles at rattled Eze consulted with his attorneys. He said he understood the charges against him. He said he understood the possible consequences life in prison or the death penalty. He smiled and laughed with his attorneys before the US marshals took him away at south Boston federal court. Karyn regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio in New York City some opposition to the mayor's decision to declare a health emergency and certain zip codes in Brooklyn because of a measles outbreak. There's a risk of a one thousand dollar fine public health officials find someone doesn't have the vaccine in sections of Williamsburg, this woman said she would find the money to pay the fine preventative measures are not a reason to inject toxins into my child's body held. The visuals don't want the virus to spread and don't want people to have measles parties as a way of gaining immunity giddy. Disagrees. My.

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