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And snakes are dangerous coming up march 23rd national puppy day organizers are asking you to join the celebration by adopting a puppy from a shelter and they ask you to postpone be pictures on social media like they have to ask take a pause jill nato fox news ltd mercer rook cleaning studios richmond's news weather and traffic station frei down the lane good morning i'm mad dumb wind the snow is over the roads are fine but the cold is sticking around after this check of traffic and weather on the tens on news radio eleven forty w r vi southbound 280 eight run slow between iron bridge in the sale church road overpass watch for collision currently blocking your left and children that stretched the downtown expressway japan and park we are clear in its in free like travel volume right now the interstate who is in on the south side mid levin a german school road traffic updates every ten minutes on the tens all morning long your next traffic update at seven forty of richmond's news weather and traffic station news radio eleven forty wnba from the big oh tires traffic center good morning and get ready for a chili week today's high in the upper 40s is below average by a few it'll be sunny closed average tomorrow low 50s breezy but then a sharp drop in temperatures for wednesday will start wednesday around twenty end up in the mid thirties with lots of sun from nbc twelve produced rate of eleven forty wnba i major free from the pearson addedcom weather center in sunny in twenty nine in the west news radio eleven forty w our va time seven thirty one.

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