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Badal drive past cape saint Clair in the sandy point exits Only two lanes open for eastbound drivers of the bay bridge They're still favoring westbound drivers right now to flush the westbound traffic off the eastern shore and Ken tile and almost done with that still three lanes open westbound A heavy and slow lineup off route 50 to go north on I 97 That happens during getaways Three O one northbound in buoy is backed up because of a crash near the ballpark before brute 50 Two 70 southbound crashed near the scales reported on the right side northbound traffic heavy on the two lane stretch toward Frederick 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway no recent mishaps Blocking any lanes at least they're all in shoulders but a lot of north and southbound travel happening between the beltways and on the capitol beltway Lots of slow traffic through Montgomery and prince George's counties You get a loop under the Baltimore Washington park where the remains of a crash along the far right side right shoulder Some incidents on the shoulders of the interloop between the toll road and the legion bridge 66 will be heavy and stretches through vianna oakton and centerville both ways 95 in Virginia very heavy and slow southbound traffic from Dale City through Stafford through Fredericksburg It'll take close to two hours to drive that 30 miles between the Anka Kwan and rappahannock rivers Very high demand on the tolls which are backed up through Quantico as well The express lanes Southbound with high tolls and effect for solo drivers in the district I two 95 Southbound between the 11th street bridge and suitland Parkway The pavement goes on along the right side northbound on D.C. two 95 the crash beyond Pennsylvania avenue a fire rescue response was sent ID me the identity verification company committed to digital equity and access opening doors for all Americans moored ID slash hour promise Traffic Storm team four's Mike Stanford Turning out to be a gorgeous day across the region lots of sunshine and pleasant this afternoon low humidity our highs low to mid 70s Tonight we're going to see an increase in cloud cover loads of the 40s to lower 50s Breezy was some passing showers as a cold front comes through tomorrow but not a washout watch the day we'll be dry Highs around 70 Lots of sunshine breezy cooler on Sunday highs only in the mid to upper 50s often on ray showers breezy raw and chili on Monday with highs only in the low to mid 50s I'm storm team four meteorologist Mike Steiner for just a real.

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