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Which could cause chest pain or discomfort or difficulty breathing and be deadly If you have one or more of these symptoms this is no time to wait Contact your doctor Brought to you by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer Sports at 15 and 45 sponsored by Main Street bank Put our team in your office All right it's 7 45 let's catch up with Dave Johnson on the road this morning You know as we were stumbling up the blade in Houston close to midnight last item here for the wizards game wondering if another upset about that happened close TCU though falling short losing an overtime to Arizona sir Arizona advancing this week 16 but Miami Jim Lara's team upsetting auburn advancing this week 16 and then a clash of coaching icons Tom izzo from Michigan state duke's Mike sesqui advantage coach K the Lou Devils at 85 76 win over Michigan state My guys were so tough in those last 6 minutes of the game And in the last four or 5 minutes the defense was incredible So the Maryland women in the sweet 16 have to win over Florida Gulf Coast to diamond Miller 100% healthy and this is how we are expected to play We're not expected to play no other way So this is what y'all have been waiting for And that will play Stanford Friday and Spokane Capital's lost in Dallas stars three to two raiden holtby with the star's first trip back to Washington since he left for free agency it's 2020 sidelined by injury but appreciated the tribute video This city is such a good hockey city It's amazing the fans are incredible They always treated me and my family so well And a stick tap to the George Mason hockey team played their alumni game essay and raised $21,000 for multiple sclerosis Dave Johnson a util sports The top stories we're following for you today on WTO P Ukrainian officials are rejecting a Russian demand that their forces and Mario lay down their arms and raise white flags in exchange for safe passage Fighting in that city has been intense even as the Russian offensive in other areas has floundered The Senate Judiciary Committee begins its historic confirmation hearings for judge ketanji Brown Jackson the 51 year old federal judge would become the first black woman on the Supreme Court New railcars for metro are being built at a new $70 million Hitachi rail factory It's going to be constructed near Hagerstown Maryland Hitachi's first order at that plan will be at least 256 new 8000 series cars with more spacing between the seats and onboard Wi-Fi Keep it here on WTO for more on these stories in just moments A top U.S. commander says China has fully militarized at least three of several islands that built in the disputed South.

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