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We're just here to take people's money and we're not. There's a lot that goes in. There's a lot of work on my end. That goes into it to make sure that my clients get the fastest and best results so that they can start achieving their goals. Twenty twenty one. Now if someone is looking for credit repair. I guess what are some tips as people go out shop like a common questions they should be asking or looking for when it comes to credit repair. Yeah who obviously ask about the fees. You know it's kinda get what you pay for kind of thing. Because i've also had clients say i paid twenty five bucks to get my credit repair. It didn't work. Well it's like yeah like that kind of makes sense it's a it's you get what you pay for but i'm you also again. You want to read the person you know. Go with your gut and failure vibes. Is this person really gonna stick with you and and push you through the process here in and stay on top of you Also wanna make sure that they're disputing everything at once Some credit repair companies will charge you. Her item that they're disputing. You wanna make sure that. They're disputing everything at once because you'll get results faster that way in it and it's actually probably comes out cheaper that way and i mean those are really the main things you know. Just go through to make sure that this is the right person for you now. You don't want just do it with anyone right right in. Its it's definitely one of those things to also just anything. Look you know a lot. You know reviews online. Do do your homework and Really looking into a company. 'cause 'cause it is an investment which is is one thing that you should expect as well. This is an investment on one. This is your financial report card. If you really wanna look at it you know. Your credit is your financial report or that. You're putting out to the world so it's something that you definitely want to make sure you're taking care of now. Talk to me about the process. What are the expectations that you tell your clients or at least we should let our listeners. Know like if you are gonna im- embrace this journey like what is. What is this journey as a quick is it. You know sixty day. Is it two years like whoa. What are some expectations. Someone going through the process in expect. be patient. I tell all my clients be patient because especially now with covert. The mail system is slow down at all the bureaus are working remotely slowed down ten ten times fold Which is why. They extended the investigation period from thirty to forty..

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