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Politico a little known bombshell report from josh meyer a politico reports and listen to this now as no you may have russian collusion here um you want russian collusion the little own bombshell report from josh buyer political reports of ali fayad a lebanese arms dealer and suspected top hezbollah operative who agents believe reported to vladimir putin uh really was captured by the czechs in 2014 by add had been indicted in the united states already for planning the murders of us government employees but the obama administration did nothing to push for extradition instead fired ended up in lebanon where he's back at his terrorist work he's particularly active in supplying weapons to the syrian regime according to politico administration officials also blocked or undermine their efforts to go after other top hezbollah operatives while and their criminal enterprises in the united states in other words obama working with russia in order to swing the iran deal trump the prosecution of people responsible for continuing murder including murder of americans really and that came from politico dot com i'll they're a conservative website really while they are now yes out how long before their bastion why i'm not like i said i'll never forget a bernard goldberg a host of just about the say i just i always go back to bring aren't goldberg who you know wrote the book bias and everything else in and talked about the biased you reno we used to in a worked for diabetes to work for hvo him annoyed him i don't subscribed hvo so i don't know i'm not sure if he does uh but uh you know the uh uh no wellknown proponent of journalistic integrity because he promoted that and said cbs did navid and had a liberal bias afterwards proven to him i somebody who worked form who challenged him and said you guys got a liberal bias that he's that i had a look at it and we did and it was wrong things that were doing and he went specifically in to the stories they did and why they were biased right i'll never forget a few years ago when i saw right wing the authors do gang buster businesses and he was viewed as a right wing offer from usa today and what is the only thing that bernard goldberg ever promoted why did.

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