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Know we like quantitative data but can students or really anybody for that matter really quantify. How clearly a professor explains concepts in the last episode. We learned that. There's evidence that the numbers really don't compute anyway and yet by using them were assigning of value to them. They just don't have any way that classic example of how clearly a professor explains something his not a useful question to ask in a flipped course or a lab course where students are making discoveries on their own or in small groups and not in a lecture. That question doesn't really apply so if the system is working correctly students should be answering does not apply but that's not always an option so students might answer no or definitely not and that could reflect badly on the instructor when it shouldn't possibly worse than that. It sort of implies an institutional endorsement of lecturing as a standard and a primary way of teaching the net is that really the statement. We wanna make even if we do lecture in our own course okay. I'm getting a bit off track here so rating in to a list of things that i can do in a committee on student. Evaluations of teaching. I'll just end with the idea that there are a lot of things to be done here. And i've got to save them in the committee and defend my statements in suggestions. And i've got to do a lotta work a lot more work than i wanted. Who on a committee to bring evidence to the table into talk with all the other members privately outside the meeting time to bring them around to the idea that sat's are broken. That's where i'd end. But where i start is to the idea that we should consider abandoning. Sat's altogether at the institutional level. You folks are open. It might work. They're not open. Well maybe at least see the need for deeper form of. Sat's something else that we can do. Proactively regarding student. Evaluations of teaching.

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