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That's among the lowest rates in the state. One pharmacist, telling WBZ TV. They have tons of vaccines of all kinds right on hand, but they're just wasting it right now, because so few people are coming in to get it. A bizarre story in Salem Arrows shot into homes Hunt is on for someone who may be using a hunting bow to commit these crimes. Police recently started getting reports that homes are being struck by arrows in both North and South Salem. Some of those arrows were strong enough to break through walls as well as the window frame of Janice Baldwin's home Here on Willow Avenue. What do your neighbors say? Oh, everyone's just kind of confused, like you know what the heck is going on? You know, just wondering, why would someone do it? The homes that were hit seem to be random, including on Leavitt Street, North Street and twice on Ocean Avenue. Good news is no one has been hurt. Police are asking the public for any information. And Salem, James RoHaas WBZ Boston's NewsRadio police are still searching for the driver who struck a state trooper his cruiser on route 4, 95 and Hawking to nine yesterday. This happened right before the mass Pike exit right around 10:30 A.m.. The lieutenant had stepped out of the cruiser to check on a tractor trailer stopped on the side of the road, he was sideswiped. He was injured. State police are asking you keep an eye out for a white tractor trailer with a blue cab possible minor damage to its passenger side. It may have some white pain from that cruiser that was sideswiped. Authorities have footage. All right. 10 03, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and again this time yesterday was a mess out there in Hopkinton. Kevin. Hopefully we don't have any big problems right now. The super were retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes If you please. Yeah, right now Out to the west. We're in pretty decent shape. 4 95. Okay to and from the Mass Pike, Mass. Pike looking pretty good here from framing him all the way into downtown Boston. We are seeing her delays here over in west Boylston. Ongoing work has traffic. Slow route 1 90 both directions here between Exit four and Exit nine. Downtown Worcester is okay along route to 90, now south of Boston. Right now, that expressway north beyond still heavy brake lights, East Milton Square, most of the way up through Columbia Road from Braintree up to Boston. Going to take a little over 20 minutes. Southbound tied up a bit coming down through seven. Hill 93 south beyond some minor residual delays getting by route 28 from an earlier crash route three Chol already seeing slowdowns into that Derby Street lane drop at 95 northbound hung up approaching the 93 ramps here in Canton, downtown Boston. Lower deck. Zakum Bridges. All these doubts still got some company on that leverage down ramp. Up in Bedford. Today, a portion of Middlesex Turnpike is closed for paving work between Crosby Drive an oak Park drive until about three o'clock this afternoon. Detours are in place. So expect delays here in Bedford today, Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes. Alright, gorgeous weather out there and again for just another day. Sunny skies High 78 today in the city of Boston and inland if you're at.

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