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The sensually what i'm doing is i'm taking the past almost three years a pollution dated from the embassy and i'm running it through a machine learning model that essentially looks at patterns in the data whether it's wind speeds humidity temperature of course and it correlates all that to figure out well in the past this is what happened with these conditions so now we're going to predict what's going to happen now and hopefully give people more information so that they can make decisions about thrown health in their own their family's health and in the depths of the winter when when the pollution's really bad how bad the nevilles pmt point five from my observations it gets his high as seven hundred micrograms per cubic meter the current safe level of pm two point five is under twenty and so that is a significant significantly higher than normal parts of the pollution in new damn butter is caused by residents of the good district burning code keep warm in the winter but with more and more people moving to the city from ruin areas tackling pollution is a huge challenge for the government seren beckham's ri the minister for environment says in the short term the government's goal is to reduce the pollution smoke coming from the strict i drew going to introduce processed call and also trying to introduce new system of to burn that smoke moffit shively the introducing the to city hitting new technologies the using d'electricite for hitting reduced polluted smoke bryn more clean lifestyle.

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