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Ship it is schilling it really is there is such a palpable innocence and precociousness and joy there on anik inside and the camera pans right right pal eh hello Larry moment in the film when one of the Decoy so we're GonNa talk about later who's pretending to be here tonight a fifteen year old here nightly folks is like Pad Mate Aka the actual queen go clean the droid it's a moment that exists only and I mean only and I mean solely give us that visual image of patty in robes kneeling down to squeak squeak squeak rub a rag on rtd to spotty giving us that mirror image of that we get from a new hope of Laya doing the same exact thing to the exactly incredible love and origin C. Three PEOs origin we learned that he's Anikin secretion and kin is not only Lucan Leah's father he is three peos father to he built him by his own hand and for very sweet reason he wanted the protocol droids people to help his mother three peo- some funny moments proclaiming I'll never gonNA starship hilarious also the symbolism of Anna's relationship to machines his tech savviness this desire to build to toy to experiment given what he is into physically become very interesting to watch that play out the widening of the world this is fascinating to me because you know like this is stuff that existed the I didn't get when I watched star wars the new hope like when it said episode for a new hope I never thought what about episodes went to literally never thought that stuff just escaped me and I think there's really something fascinating about the the way star wars works on these two tracks on the one hand this like really in the weeds story about like yes tax law right and all the other Dan this almost purely heartfelt and very simplistic story about good and evil yes these two things existing at the same time so remember like two hours ago yeah there was one kind of charitable way to think about this side rather quickly now on the one hand obviously as we've said yes the bureaucratic political sociological nature of the story bombed out a lot of people they didn't want to focus on the trade federation they didn't focus on taxes but let's look at it from George Lucas's point of view from the view of the Creator the person who's intent was to widen out world and consider the implications of hinging the beginning of the prequel trilogy and thus his entire epic do these political and sociological matters as well as the metaphysical as well as the mythological consider the words of another George George Martin creator of a song of ice and fire who has said the following about Jr Tolkien's Lord of the rings he said this long ago in an interview with rolling stone quote ruling his heart this was maybe my answer to Tolkien whom as much as I admire him I do quibble if Lord of the rings had a very medieval philosophy that if the king was good man land would prosper we looked real history and it's not that simple token can say Aragon became king and reigned for one hundred years and he was wise and good but tolkien doesn't ask Shen what was arrogance tax did he maintain a standing army what did he do time a flood and famine and what about all the ORCS by the end of the sorrow and is gone but all the ORCS aren't gone there in the mountains too arrogant pursue a policy of systemic genocide and kill them even the little baby oryx a little baby cradles will in this one lovie George Lucas is asking his version of what was our guernsey tax policy and there is an impulse or desire there that we actually really respect to build a fully realized world full of myriad things and yes many of those things are exceedingly doll is so does the myriad things that make real life real you can think about star wars as Lucas version of Edward Gibbons is classic the history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and this is what he's giving us is this very a certain point of view long winded and overly detailed story about how a republic turns into a dictatorship in the phantom menace oral history on star wars aecom Lucas says my decision to make episode one was more or less driven by technology the first star wars were designed very very carefully beyond cheaply we didn't go to any big cities didn't have a lot of costs it didn't have a lot of extras we didn't have at least still complaining about it I can't believe it we didn't we didn't have the things that cost money on a movie like that with this owed one I didn't WanNa tell limited story I'd go into politics in the bigger issues of the public and that sort of thing I had to go into bigger issues episode. One wasn't doable for a long time so a waited until we had the technology to do it still that means long before we get to Jet Council meetings we get noteboo counts no meetings and rough what are we talking about at least there is conflict between the stated goal of the principals and the ultimate yes state of things it's right there in the title of the Franchise War and yet says I will not condone a course of action that will lead US toward is what we're going there anyway old billy though the politics are gateway to that larger story is quite on says when he's trying to convince Queen Dollar really at this point her Decoy Saba to go with them to curse address the Senate says there's something else behind all this your highness serious the Sieff the battle between the dark and the light the battle for balance let's end the force and it's also powerful despite jar- jars how rude interruptions in a moment when pad may and schmear interacting during the sandstorm on Tadijine and Padma stunned to discover that slavery still exists in the Galaxy because the republic's anti-slavery laws are meant to prevent it and Schmidt says the Republic doesn't exist out here we must survive on our own whether it is an entire or mystical galaxy or one town in our own actual world that right there is the one primary functions of telling story to reveal our biases to challenge us to think about how our perspective shapes our lives how we think about other people's lives star wars were so many beings are united by their belief in one thing the force is no different they still all all have their different perspectives on Khorasani we begin to see how the role of politics and the film is a conduit for teens path he is going to use the deadlock in the Senate to vault himself as the one strong leader who can cut through the bullshit and get stuff done in order to become the emperor of the empire he needs to gain control the Senate so that he can eventually turn the entire Galaxy twos while everything happening on around a boo is really the opening gambit in his rise to power he plays the greater good card chancellor velour I'm not in control any there are financial interests the trade federation interests that have turned this once fine house of politics into basically a rigged game they need to force the election of a stronger leader soon who can exercise control cut through the red tape and seek justice he manipulates her because she is a ruler desperate to save her people and she doesn't have time to have the Senate send a fact finding mission to Naboodah figure out what's gone she knows what's going on and senator popping uses that urgency to get what he wants he's the devil on her shoulder literally voice right there in her ear right there in the pod with her in front of the Senate a surprise to be sure but welcome one he says he's nominated to be the chancellor and what a ham incredible performance as he says by the way while wearing a plush velvet throat me an amazing absolutely crushing it Jason yes there was no father carried this podcast I gave birth raised yeah sure sure I believe what happened hey sure I guess I have to buy it the joys do I have maybe you can explain I'm GonNa try please gather the young ones having the battle on learners I had to the Jedi temple that's right teach us everything we need to know about midday glorious those horny bastards good that you get in the middle of the country talking about McLaren's in two thousand nine show runners Damon Lindelof as his hit television show lost was nearing its end told the live on at the now defunct Los Angeles Comic Book Shop Meltdown What Answers he felt his story should and should not answer quote there are certain questions about the show that I'm very Donald Bhai like what is the island or what do the numbers mean we're GonNa be explaining a little more about the numbers may be significantly more about the numbers but what do you mean by what the numbers mean what is a potential answer to that question I feel like you have to be very careful about entering into midday chlorine territory I grew up on Star Wars I've seen the star wars movies thousands of times I can recite them chapter and verse and never once did anyone ever say to me or did it occur to me to say what is the force exactly this essentially is the philosophical distinction between two taxonomy of science fiction hard Scifi and sought Saifi and it's through this lens that we're going to try to examine McLaren's but I what are they just as quite Gone Jin explained to young and can skywalker midday chlorine are sentient microscopic life forms which reside inside the of all living things in a symbiotic relationship with their host organism medical are connected to the energy field which binds all things together commonly known as force when made it coins are present in significant enough numbers they allow their host to perceive and interact with and harness the force this means that any host in animals as long as they're count is high enough Ken be at least according to previous Canon for sensitive for instance we have the Foreign Skar a native to the forest ended of Mercker was a Jaguar like Nocturnal Predator that use the force to locate its prey it found four sensitive beings jet is included hard to resist list and very tasty divorces prime quiry the Mary was like a furry tree dwelling Iguana also for sensitive the e Saleh Mary evolved a novel defense against their hunters the ability to surround themselves with an area within which the force could not be used the more e Saleh Mari in area the larger the Anti Force bubble and this made the forest of Merck are popular hideout for smugglers pirates now other lactic scum looking to evade Jeddah entangled let's and it can count as we heard according to the blood tests run by Obi one is more than twenty thousand McLaren's per cell which we again quick learn is the highest ever record surpassing even that of Master Yoda leading quite gone to believe that is dry savior destined to bring balance to the force he's all the blood tests immediately we deserve the right to know what they are all that said there's actually no one to one relationship between the amount of chlorine wants bloodstream at least above a certain level that would make one for sensitive and the strength of that person's force abilities consider ob one more than a match for Anikin when the two duked it out on the volcanic planet and Mustafa in revenge the Seth pappy highground though the he had highground this shrew but before that even palpable exerted significant control over his apprentice Anikin despite any this high medical Orient Count Anna darth became if anything more powerful than ever despite being violently dismembered because he did not have the high ground in that aforementioned dual thus having less body parts and therefore clearly less medical reasons so medications are an explanation for force sensitivity works but considering what we just talked about how much does that explanation actually matter and why's an explanation necessary Now here's where the question of hard Scifi for Soft Sifi comes in simply put hard science fiction described stories which have a basis in real science and real math oft sci-fi on the other hand is often more philosophical tending to lean on broader sociological anthropological and political themes examples. hard sci fi would be she's you can lose three body problem trilogy Andy Weir's the Martian shouts to the potatoes on Mars and Ted Chiang's various stories excavation by it now it's excellent soft sci fi stories include Orson Scott Card's enders Game Frank Herbert's Dune and of course the original star wars trilogy we can think of glory and then as a hard science fiction element in a film series characterized by pointed lack of such details in fairness though if you say that explanations in this medium were luxuries getting into how gravity works on the death star by the atmosphere and a star cruisers hangar bay doesn't shoot out into space and how blasters were now it's possible to travel at faster than light speeds of just bogged down the pacing stuff simply worked the original trilogy depicted the force as essentially magic and when it's ascribed it's a near Miss stickle religious terms in episode four one tells Luke that the forces quote an energy field created by all living.

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