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It's a vertigo inducing experience. You have also argued that the fakeness that we see today has also infected our politics are politics are fake now. It's acrimonious it's vitriolic but fake. Yeah. I think when we talk about sort of the ideal version of small d democracy, we think of it as a place where people come together to hash out disagreements in a rational and informed way. And what that requires is that everybody operate in good faith. And that we believe that everybody operate in good faith, the problem with this sense of fakeness that begins to infect everything you see online, especially as the internet becomes the kind of driving force behind the way, we talk about politics and media coverage of it is that we no longer are able to. To assume good faith on the part of our interlocutors on the one hand you have liberals accusing Trump supporters of being Russian bots, quite literally not being real people. And on the other hand, you have conservatives accusing liberals of so-called virtue signaling which is site that they don't actually believe the things they're saying they're just trying to win some kind of social competition to be the most virtuous person. And would you agree that some of this feeling of inauthentic city comes from advances in our technology? I mean, the Photoshop fixation of the culture, and then you have this other technology deep fakes. Yeah. This is a sort of at home video faking application that a user of read it released in January of two thousand eighteen that allows you if you have a sufficient library of photographs of somebody's face to basically paste that face on top of the body of anybody in a video what's scary to me is not that we're going to end up in a position where we're all believing fake videos, but. That anybody can look at video and say that's fake. I don't have to believe it. And you wrote our politics have been inverted along with everything else. Suffused with a NAS tick sense that we're being scammed into frauded and lied to. But that a real truth still lurks somewhere. Sure, I mean, I think if you look on YouTube, which is kind of haven for far-right radicalization. You'll notice that the terms in which people talk often involve this sense that there is a big lie that these YouTube bloggers are going to teach you the truth behind. They call it red pilling from the matrix. Which is literally what we're talking about here that there is a fake world. And if you take the red pill, you'll learn that feminism is ally that diversity is a scammed all these things are fake. And to me, this is just a reflection of the experience of being online that you are constantly confronted with these worlds, and ideas, these voices these publications that you're not quite sure if they're real or if they're fake. And it can be incredibly corrosive to any sense of solidarity with other people. So the people are fake the politics are fake, and you conclude that we ourselves are fake as we spend all of our time on Facebook on YouTube on Google on Twitter. We're spending a lot of time consuming and engaging with content that has been algorithm Mickley pushed towards us based on things that we are clicking on or spending a lot of time looking at. And I think there's an argument that that is in fact, what we want you could say because you spend a lot of time hate reading your rivals posts on Facebook that maybe that is in fact, what you want to do. But I think most of us have a much more sophisticated sense of what our desires are. And what our humanity? You mean a more sophisticated belief in what our desires our because the algorithms are based on our behavior. Sure, I think that most of us when we describe ourselves tend to think of ourselves as better people than maybe we always act to me, this is emblematic of the entire. Experience of being online that you spend a lot of time clicking on stuff that you don't really want to see you don't really want to look at the oftentimes upsets you or makes you mad. It's true or ruins your day. And that these companies are manipulating and taking advantage of how difficult it is to turn off the lizard brain. How difficult it is to remove that from saying now, I know I really don't want to know what that actor looked like as a child. I don't want to know. Exactly..

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