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Comes alive like it definitely has Disney magic. Are they doing stuff? Nowadays that's cooler and more impressive. Sure but but maybe not at the same level of charm. This show has a delight for the senses. It's just I know we're talking about the song specifically but in the attractions like the lights up. Get all the music. But the song the reason we picked the song as that captures all of that essence that you're talking about we're GonNa talk about any of the Re Re mixes well. I do think that that's worth bringing up so tony on. We do not sure if this is a contest but if it were we would like to throw tiki room into the ring. Not just as the show song that you get but all the remix says that it has spawned and if you've not heard the Hillary Duff Remix for instance. Well you need to get on. It's it's tastefully awful Yeah my sixteen year olds really loves it and actually I probably heard that song the Tiki room for the first time. Five Hillary Duff and even so I thought it was a great song. Get you dancing. Get your shoulders move in and Shimmy shake the ticketing sticking Yup. Oh look at all you take you take. Los Lobos doesn't version Wayne Brady. We just found out that the virgin incredible youtube videos. So you have to go and watch that but my personal favourite like I love hearing this song with like these instrumental. Remix IS I want to call it. A remix instrumental versions but they are different. That you hear on like the Disney Resort Channel But my favorite one is the magic kingdom entrance loop has this like instrumental tiki room. That's just steal kettle drums and like this. Calypso vibe.

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