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And after that, we'll just going to waste. I'm Michael Barbaro. That's coming up on the daily from the New York Times. That story on the daily in five minutes, but first from KPCC news. I'm Nick Roman with the stories we're covering at seven thirty. We learned this week that the LA county deputy sheriff whose rehiring sparked an angry reaction from county supervisors where's the tattoo of a deputy. Click more now from KPCC's Frank Stoltze, civil service commission documents show deputy car Carin mandolin told a sheriff's investigator that he wears the tattoo of the grim. Reapers that's click based at the south LA station where man Dwayne once worked. It's one of a number of clicks, some of which have engaged in violence. Seven individual Debbie's at the east LA station filed a legal claim this month saying they've been harassed and physically attacked by members of the Bandidos. Click sheriff, Alex Villanova transferred eight people from that station and promised a full investigation. He says he's also discouraging deputies from getting tattoos. He's downplayed concerns. Some of the clicks are. Violent gangs. The sheriff says the problem is mainly what he calls hazing Runamuck. Undersheriff Timur economy says he's looking into allegations of hazing by a click at another unidentified sheriff's station covering public safety. I'm Frank Stoltze. A federal judge in San Diego today upheld his earlier decision to keep high capacity gun magazines, legal in California U S District court judge Roger Benitez blocked a state law that barred magazines hold more than ten bullets, California. Arm of the National Rifle Association had sued over the law. Judge Benita sided with their argument that banning the magazines in print is on the second amendment right to bear arms. Race bans and protesters greeted the return of thoroughbred horse racing today. At Santa Anita in Arcadia, be west coast premiere track was closed for nearly a month after twenty two horses were put down since December following serious injuries and races or while training capeeze. He sees Emily Elena. Doug. Gale was at Santa Anita when the racing resumed. Forces fly down the track kicking Jared as fans featherbedding tickets and pressed against the white fence cheering on their favorite dance say they're glad to be back at the races. But things are also about to change saying uneatable phase out the use of race day, medications and jockeys may not be able to use writing crops or web's the state racing board voted to limit their use unless there's an emergency. But that regulation isn't official yet. Jockey Aaron Kreider says he doesn't think whipping horses has anything to do with the recent deaths and for him tweaking safety regulations is a familiar part of the sport throughout the hundreds of years of racing. There's been rules in the past where people say how are we going to go on? And we continue and continue horse racing fan. Armanda Rodriguez has placed bacter- for over thirty years and says he's against the decision. You gotta whip them. Couple of time to get into no more horse out of them. But animal rights protesters standing by the park's entrance. Have a different take. They won't stop until there's not just new rules, but a complete end to horse racing. Emily elena. Doug, governor Gavin Newsom wants to spend two hundred eight million dollars to speed up the DMV's long lines his budget. Request today follows a state auditor's report that says the DNB fouled up the rollout of the new federally required. Real ID license updates. The governor wants state lawmakers to give the DMV forty six million dollars this year. Plus one hundred sixty two million more in the budget year that starts on July. First the state and federal governments will observe Cesar Chavez day on Monday about holiday honors the late farm, labor leader and KPCC's Leslie Bernstein, Stein Roe ha says, it's usually celebrated as update of service. Paul Chavez remembers a family conversation years ago when California was first establishing a holiday. Remember his late father's work. Remember, we're having dinner, and I was talking to my mom about it in. She thought that you know, maybe it should be a day where kids learn about him. But then also that they go out, and they do work in their communities, and and you know, and help others to the younger Chavez who now heads the Cesar Chavez foundation that made perfect sense. The idea of service was essential part of my father's life and work Cesar Chavez who died in nineteen Ninety-three organized farm workers to unionize for better pay and working conditions. He came to symbolize Latino empowerment groups around southern California are planning service activities there at least two on Saturday, a planning and painting project.

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